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You have a message you want to share. You need to connect with the world. With two billion plus people using the Internet, it makes sense to use the Internet to share your passion, but how do you create a website that will get traffic and allow you to build an audience?Even if you can spend a thousand dollars to have someone build you a website, your site will probably not rank high enough with the search engines to get noticed.A website whose content doesn’t rank on page one of the searc
June 29, 2019
The Art of Happiness is simple. Be satisfied with your life. If you are not satisfied, make a change. Happiness is overrated. It is a fleeting emotion.It is better to be satisfied you are accomplishing the important things in your life and relish those happy emotions when they happen.Happiness is a state of mind, but if you try to be happy all the time, you are going to get frustrated. Happiness is the result of the good things that happen to you. It is usually the result of something external
May 26, 2019
There are three types of websites:The vanity site. This site is one your share among your friends and customers. There is no effort to optimize the site for search.The Celebrity Site. This is a site people find by search on your name. You already have a broad base of fans who know your name and will search for you by name.The Internet Marketing Site. This is a site that generates generic traffic by optimizing the site so that each page and post on the website is optimized to enable people who m
I'm an advocate for a #resilient life style. #Resilience is my niche. I live on an island 3000 miles from the nearest resupply. I look at what happened to Puerto Rico and I know it can happen here in Hawaii.How to be prepared for a disasterDistaster can strike without warning. We can loose our job, loose our health, or be struck by natural disaster. It is up to you to eveluate your environment and be ready for whatever might happen. Emergency Preparedness people tell us in Hawaii to be prepare
March 29, 2019
Kyle notified me I'm in the top 200 again. I'm grateful for all the help I've gotten here at WA. Y'all have made a difference in my life.We all struggle between spending time here at WA and working in our businesses. I try to post a 1000 word detailed article here every week. I then post an abstract of the article on my website and link it to my WA Article. Advantage? WA is an authoritiy site. My link is an external link to an authority site. People who click through to my WA Post are potential
A very nice gentlement from Publishers Clearing House called me tonight and congratualated me on winning a $5,000,000 prize. All I had to do was pay the taxes which would be only 1% of the prize. I was to send a check for $50,000 to a PO Box in Las Vegas. The call was from Jamaca. I hung up and he called me right back two times. On the third time I called him a few choice names and he finally got the message. One of the troubles in the world are people without values. Anything for a buck. One
This blog post is about "The side hustle revolution" and why your need to be part of it. It is about creating financial resilience by diversifying your income.Status of work todayIn 2014, 15% of the workforce had temp jobs. Today it is 25% and projection are that by 2030 [50% of our work force is expected to be temporarily employed. More and more businesses are hiring people to accomplish a specific project. When the project is completed your will be looking for another job. Permanent jobs will
How many visitors does your website get each day? Most people don't know how to use Google Analytics, but knowing how well your website is drawing traffic is vital to planning your marketing strategy.Do your blog posts have a keyword phrase in the title and above the fold in your post? Does your blog post have an internal and external link? Is your post organized to optimize voice search?High-quality helpful content is always the key to building trust and getting repeat traffic. Every post and
February 09, 2019
Overwhelmned? So many questions. I'm stuck.... Change the negative thought, "I can't do this." to a more postive one, "I've got a lot to learn, where can I go to learn it."You found Wealthy Affiliates (WA). There is no better place to learn affiliate marketing than here at WA. I took the long path. I tried to do the Affiliate Marketing Certification Course and the Bootcamp at the same time. I rushed through the training classes without completing all the tasks. Of course, at the time I was lead
February 05, 2019
Web Internet Marketing is a key to your successful career. Use your website to help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you want a new job or promotion or you are an entreprneur developing a new business your website is a key to your future.Wealthy Affialiate Unversity is the best training and support I have found anywhere on the net. Take there first class. It is free. Then let me know if you agree.I want to express my gratitude to all my Wealthy Affiate (WA) Mentors. I would not be where I