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Last Update: May 26, 2019

There are three types of websites:

  1. The vanity site. This site is one your share among your friends and customers. There is no effort to optimize the site for search.
  2. The Celebrity Site. This is a site people find by search on your name. You already have a broad base of fans who know your name and will search for you by name.
  3. The Internet Marketing Site. This is a site that generates generic traffic by optimizing the site so that each page and post on the website is optimized to enable people who might be interest in your niche to find your website.

Obviously, you can use any or all of the above techniques to help people find your site.

Seven things you must do to optimize your site.

  • Optimize Meta Title and Meta Description to attract attention in SERP.
  • Use internal and external links in your posts.
  • Include a key word in your post title and the same key word in the first paragraph of your post. Clicl here for more information If you can view the training it is because you need to be a Premium user.
  • Add/Change Alt Tags in Images
  • Embed YouTube Video in your post
  • Fetch as Google to get your post indexed quickly.
  • Use Google Analytics to get useful information to help you improve your website.

Use your blog to keep your site fresh and active. Comments in your blog enable you to interact with your fans.

Social Media

Link your posts to your social media. Spend half an hour a day posting to social media. Ask your friends to share with their friends. Click here for more information. social media must be a huge part of your visitor engagement strategy.


There are many ways to promote your website both on and off line. It is your job to figure out what gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Check out my profile and visit bill808 for more detail.

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