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Last Update: November 13, 2020

After trying everthing MailChimp to Aweber and a half dozen others in between I have finally settled on TrafficWave. It is a flat rate autoresponder that includes an affiliate program.

Most autoresponders charged based on the size of your mailing list. What you are charged escalates quickly depending on the size of your list, so it is important to have products to promote before starting to build a list.

The flat rate payment plan used by TrafficWave makes it possible for me to grow my list while maintaining an affordable advertising budget.

TrafficWave's affiliate program is actually an MLM using a 10 level matrix.

Now, before you run away, there is nothing wrong with an MLM business model providing the products sold by the MLM are quality products and are priceed competitiviy. In 40 years of messing wiith MLMs, I have only found two that qualify. I have learned that if an MLM emphasizes recruiting over sales it is a scam. The problem with most MLMs is unscrupulouis leader will ask you to "stock your store." If anyone asks you to buy more inventory than you know you can sell in three months, you are dealing with an unscroupulous leader.

Like most matrix pay programs, TWs matrix is set up so the big money is made in the last three levels. Most people never fill their third level so theiir dream of MLM riches dies long before they reach their goal.

My motivation to use TW is the flate rate pay schedule. To make the TW affiliate program worth while I will have to build a downline team of enthusiastic team builders to recruit TW customers. My emphasis in working with any matrix pay program is to help people in my first three levels fill their first three levels.

There is no way I can create the nearly 86,000 customers required to fill my 10th level. I can only do it by building a team.

True Affiliate Marketers are sales reps for the company they represent. They get a commission on sales. Many Independent diistributers for MLM companies are calling themseslves Affiliate Marketers because of the bad reputation MLM marketing has. It is important you know the differance.

My next post will discuss the many ways we can make money on line.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Sounds good, Bill!

PMindra Premium
Hi, Bill.
I have a headache. MLM is not always bad.
My partner is an MLM Junkie. She is blessed. She has downlines of thousands in various programs all over the world.
As soon as a new program is introduced, she is one of the first to be contacted.
She is awesome.
Attends every webinar.
Invites hundreds to attend.
Follows up with all.
Makes huge money.

I sometimes ask myself why I don't do what she does?
There is some 'bull-crap' involved.

She runs a very successful MLM.
I run a successful Affiliate structure.

All in all, Bill, it is a very good mix.

It is very nice to hear from you, my friend from Hawaii.
I trust that things are well.

Peace, love and happiness from Ontario, Canada.

Paul mindra.

Oh, by the way...she does not have a mailing list and does not have the need for an autoresponder. She does things the old fashioned way.

She has her own lists developed from over years. Then, when she is desperate to add, she borrows my phone and works from contacts that I have.

She is brilliant.

MLM is really cool and can be lucrative for many.
I have done some and always benefited.

Thank you for posting, Bill.

LesGreen Premium
Thank you for that information! I have done some MLM and have had some minor success, but nothing that I remained in. I'd like to know more about the autoresponder that you mentioned. Sounds interesting.
YvonneBray Premium
I like your image at the top of two sheep talking, love it.

It true many MLM companies ate calling themselves Affiliate marketers. Is it something to worry about?