Journalling for Creativity

Last Update: June 23, 2020

I keep a bullet Journal.

When I was working I was the techincal writer for our organization. Technical Writer wasn’t in my job description. It just happened because I could put words together that made sense even under the strict style guidelines of our organization, I had to write governmentease.

Now I’m a blogger. The writing style is completely different and far more relaxed, Still the New York Times Style Guide is a pretty good tool if you want to write well and be understood.

My journal is mine to write as I please. Usually, I write brief notes, but if I need to write and essay I’m free to do so. I wrote this article in Day One before posting it here. When I publish this I will put my affiliate like and the date and location where the article was published. Then I will enter that information at the top of the original article I will tag the original WA Blog Rolor and Journaling. When I write an article on a similar subject I can create an external link to this article.

My bullet journal is a record of how I spend my time. I use a program called 
Day One to record everything. Then I summarize the week’s import events and accomplishments in a notebook. Nothing can replace good old pen and paper.

I carry pen and small note book in a belt pouch. It is always with me. When I want to record an idea or thought I grab the note pad and pen before the idea gets lost.

Late in life I’ve learned the importance of listening to my subconscious. I’ve even learned to talk with my subconscious. Usually it happens in my dreams. Occasionally it will happen in what the call waking dreams. This is when you physically interact with your dream. For years I had to sleep with my back to my wife because I would be in a karate fight with my dream. I would kick widely. If my wife felt me vibrating she would wake me up because she knew I would soon be experiencing a kicking nightmare. It happens most often as a result of PTSS. (Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome).

Fortunately, those dreams faded after 30 years. Now I have lucid and very productive conversations with my subconscious. Some times it takes the form of talking to myself. I have very interesting conversations with myself. Sometimes it shows up in male form, some times as a female and some times as some kind of ephemeral spirit and sometimes it is just a though drifting threw my brain. I like the female best. She is usually beautiful but what she looks like is up to her and her mood.

Sound crazy doesn’t it. I don’t care. My best Ideas come when I am talking to my subcounscious.

Have you ever been stuck on how to write an idea and woke up in the morning with your writing flowing freely. Your subconscious was helping you while you slept.

Children often have imaginary friens. They are usually taught that imaginary friends are not acceptable in our soceity and loose the skill before they hit their teens. Mine lasted a bit longer.

I was stationed on Adak during the Korean War. Their were a half dozen of us most of whom I didn't like. I talked with my imaginary friends regularly. When I got discharged I got married. I was working on a project on our back porch. When I came in the house my wife asked me who I was talking with. I never realy talked with my subconcsous again until I was in my 80s.

In other cultures those who can have subcouncsious conversations are respected shamen. In Japan, employees are often expected to repeat check lists outloud as the complete each item on the list.

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FKelso Premium
Ah, yes, inspiration from within. It's very helpful.

I find that my most creative ideas come after I go to bed, because the noise and tempo of the day has died away and my brain is free to dwell on whatever it wants. Consequently, I keep a notebook by my bed because otherwise I'd lose all those ideas...I write them on my notebook...have written several posts with this method.

Speaking of subconscious conversations, I used to (and still do periodically) use automatic writing to get to my subconscious mind. Then I, too, had interesting conversations with myself.

So, you see, you aren't that crazy! Or maybe we both are...hmmm...
Debbi26 Premium
WOW. Talking to your subconscious sounds fascinating albeit not crazy. I don't think I've ever done that. I DO wake up in the mornings with WAY more ideas than I can execute. My subconscious must think I'm super woman!

Wdcope Premium
I have many thoughts that come to me about many things. Mine are probably much different than some since I have a twin brother who across another continent we still feel each others emotions, moods and thoughts. That was crazy enough when we were young, and even more now. The older I get my thoughts and dreams are about past friends even more than current ones. some of these past friends are no long here in the physical sense, so I write many notes when I wake up after have conversations in dreams with them.
I am certainly a morning person and usually my best ideas are early to write.
Good post Bill.
SamiWilliams Premium
I do have a creative spirit, and she is important to my day. I can sometimes have the assistance of a male mindset, but not every time I need one. My most conscious other-self is energetic, and overloads my cart on occasion!
bill808 Premium Plus
Mine visits most often when I am just waking up and when I am meditating. At other times, it may just be a will of the wisp thought and if I don't catch it fast it will be gone.
bill808 Premium Plus
Are you every in touch with your subconscious? Let us know what your experiences have been and how it may have helped you.
Stanleycmng Premium
It is more a subconscious thing than being consciously in touch. Sometimes it manifest itself by events and triggers. I guess journaling makes us mindful of them and reflect upon them.