Jay got lost

Last Update: November 14, 2020

Find the Afternoon Live Training

I tried to find Jay's webinar today and it took me 15 minutes. I couldn't find him through the dashboard. I finally found an email inviting me to the training and clicked on the link.

Turns out Jay is hidden by a lot of other great trainers in the classes I have available as a Pro member.

OK, as a Pro member I find Jay by clicking on Classes and then scrolling through the training till I find him. That is a bit of a hassle. The better way is to go to the calendar on the right side of the screen and click on the day, in this case Friday 13. That will take you to the live training and to the recordings of all past training.

I'm not sure how someone gets publishing privileges in this training platform. If anyone knows, Please let us know. Also, if these directions are not clear to you, please help clear up any confusion in the comments below.

Bill, helping people learn and grow.

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Amykaza79 Premium
Have recorded.. can watch later.. 😉😉😉
RoseLee2020 Premium
I tried to join today's seminar too by clicking the flashing sign above Classes "Streaming Now"... but with no luck.... It did not load.
DaveBuckley Premium
That's odd, last night I went straight to classes and clicked on the live web training
bill808 Premium Plus
Live web training does not show on my computer.
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
You are able to publish training after 3 months and completing the entrepreneurship training. I hope this helps,
Nurse Becca
bill808 Premium Plus
But does that include video classes like Jay's
LMH1968 Premium Plus
You can either do written or video. It’s up to you.
rubanzema Premium
You are not alone. I, too got lost when searching for his webinars.
bill808 Premium Plus
Hope this helps. I'm following you.