Is everyone nuts?

Last Update: May 17, 2020

I've seen a lot of posts lately questioning if promoting WA works.

Almost always those people are selling WA rather than helping people become better Internet Marketers.

One of the first things we learn at WA is not to try to sell on the iinternet - educate.

Have you heard of a sales funnel? We talk about sales funnels a lot on WA. If someone is looking for a widget and they trust you they will buy your widget. No sales funnel is needed. But, how do you gain their trust? That is where your sales funnel comes in.

People searching the the internet are looking for information or entertainment, You are trying to sell to people who want to know more about your niche. They are not ready to buy. Your job is not to sell your widget. Your job is to get their contact information so you can start to build a relationship with them. 80% of your posts should be information about how your ideal customer can solve their most important problems. Less than 20% of your posts should be sales pitches and keep those sales pitches should be very soft sell. That is why product reviews work so well. Product reviews tell people about your product and encourage them to check out the price.

If you want to know more about product reviews just search "product reviews" in the black search bar at the top of each screen.

If you don't follow the training don't bitch.

I made a major mistake when I joined WA. I was involved in managing a world wiide network of a dozen conservationists who where blogging about a major international conservation conference to be held in Hawaii. My job was to answer questions when a bloggerr wanted to do something and was stuck. My resource for my answers was WA. I jumped around in the training to get my answers. Rather than monetizing my websdite, I was building and monetizing other peoples sites.

I was trading time for money and not building my own passive income. It set me back years and I still playing catchup.

Now some specific suggestions:

1. If you are not using a mailing list and autoresponder check out this training by Carson:

2. For information on setting up your website for SEO start here and follow through with subsequent training:

3. This training from lesson 1 discusses how to write great content search engines will find.

4. When I find a WA post that will help members of my niche I write a summary blog post on my RLT website and give a link to the post in WA. I use the affiliate link that is available at the top of every post. When someone goes to the link the author gets exposure and if the visitor joins WA I get the commission.

We need to use a lot more internal links. It will benefit everyone.

5. Don't jump around in the training. Take it step by step and implement what you learn in each from eah lesson.

Most people learn best when when they are shown what to do; they do it; and they come back to the teacher with question.

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dcasa14 Premium
Great post. I’m going to keep it handy for reference.
FKelso Premium
Very good post. Helpful, as I'm rewriting my "start here" page. You have given me some good ideas.
ERichardson1 Premium
Good afternoon my friend, Kyle, and the training of wealthy affiliate explains to us if we can solve someone's problem they are willing to pay us for this. Also people have to trust us and Believe in Us before they even think about buying our products. People buy people first, and products second. I have learned this very well in the last couple years, great blog, have a wonderful day my friend.
bill808 Premium
Yes! As Zig Zigler said, "help enough people succeed and you will do very well."
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Bill. Will do the training about mailing lists.
I didn't realise we could link to peoples posts on here from our websites, that's an eye opener.
bill808 Premium
I was a little hesitant to recommend external links within WA but as I understand the limits on linking are to keep out spam. No direct links to affiliate pages and I don't link to reviews. If the link makes the article more understandable it is ok. I don't link to my website. If someone wants to check out something on my website they can find the link in my profile

I'm careful when linking to a WA author. The article has to add substantial information to my article and I like it when the author has a different point of view.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you for the information, its very helpful.
TELEX2019 Premium