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Last Update: September 05, 2020

Internet Marketing For Local Business.

Effective use of the internet is important for every Business.

The emphasis is on Effective.

What businesses often fail to understand is most people search for what they want using their cell phones. Google My Business (GMB) is key to getting found in a cell phone search. It is the new yellow pages and it is free. Next in importance are business directives like Yelp and Linkedin.

It is important that the information in these directories be exactly the same as the information in Google My Business. If even a space makes a difference. GMB will think it is looking at two different businesses.

Each local area will have local directories that are important. You need to Google "business directories your location" to find everything that might apply to you.

You will need a website but it doesn't need to be elaborate. I think a landing page, an about page and a blog are all you need to start an effective website. You can always build it out later if you want.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important but it must be done right. Quality content is key to building an audience. Your content must be interesting, entertaining, and informative. Know your audience. The tighter you can focus the subject of your website the easier it will be to create an interested audience.

A website focused on cloth baby diapers will be more successful than a website on babies.

Don't ignore key word phrases. Find a long tail key word that relates to the subject of your post. The key word should get at least 100 searches a month and have less than 100 sites using that exact key word. Incorporate the key word in your title and in the first paragraph of your article.

Make sure your key word flows naturally in your sentences.

Make sure your meta-title will catch the attention of your audience and your Meta-description description describes the subject of your post. This will have a major affect on your SERP(Search Engine Result Pages) convertions.

Finally, it is important to Index your site with Google Search Engine Council and to tell google to Index each of your posts. When this is done correctly, you can use Google Analytics to learn a lot about how Google sees your site.

Google wants to see consistent contentancy on your website. Post at least weekly. The Google algorithm ranks your sight based on how your visitors behave.

Google looks at a lot of things. Some of the most important are:

  1. how many people visit your site,
  2. how long they stay; and
  3. how often they come back.

Make sure you have one external link, and a couple of internal Links.

Does that sound like a lot of work? It is, but unless people can find you, you have a ghost site.

Engage With Your Visitors

The primary purpose of your website is to get customers in your door. Those are people who are looking for a place to buy a product or service. How do you engage with your website visitors? Get them on your mailing list and send them an email.

That is where your email and autoresponder come in. There are lots of autoresponders to choose from. Every post you write should have an invitation to join your opt-in list. If you have. 100 post and decide to change autoresponders you will have 100 links to change.

The biggest difference between autoresponders is the quality of their training and the ease of adding names to your list. Pick an autoresponder you want to use and stick with it. I use aWeber. My daughter uses Mail Chimp.

A Bill Sager tip:

When someone joins my subscription list they exit the subscription form to a thank you page. The only way to get to thank you page is to fill out the subscription page. That means I can track the thank you page in Google Analytics and know a lot of information about my audience.

Legit opt-in lists follow the CAN SPAM laws carefully. If they catch you spamming they will shut you down. You could loose your list.

Do not buy email lists. Build you own. That way you can be sure your list is filled with people who want to hear from you.

I use a double opt-in subscription method that verifies the person added to my list want to get my emails. If there is a complaint, my bulk email provider has a record of the subscriber.


These are the services I offer to local businesses. The complete package is available for $1500. Half is due when I start. The rest when the work is complete.

I will host your WordPress site. Writing content will be negotiated depending on how much you want to do and how much you want me to do. I will use "The Generate Press Premium Theme" and All In One SEO and Kracken Image Optimizer plugins and other plugins depending on what we need to do.

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PMindra Premium
Hi, Bill.
Brilliant post.
I'll add some links to tutorials by Jay Neill that can help:

Building Awesome Opt-in Pages That Convert Building Awesome Landing Pages Running a Local SEO Firm Understanding Local Citations Reviews for Local Businesses On-Page Local SEO Core Metrics of Ranking a Local Business Getting Review Stars in Google SEO 101 - The Basics There are all kinds of "Golden Nuggets" available right here in our back yard at WA.

Hey, Bill.

Nice to hear from you again. Are you still in Hawaii?

Stay well, stay safe and always,
Remain Awesome.

Kindest regards from Canada.

Paul Mindra.
bill808 Premium Plus
Hi Paul, Yes still in Hawaii. Built our home here in 1973. WAU certainly lives up to its name as a University when it comes to making money online Jay's training alone is well worth the fee.
I cannot understand why his audience hangs around 200.

Thanks for the links. Very valuable.
PMindra Premium
I cannot always get to live events.
But I know they are there when I need them.

All the best to you.

LMH1968 Premium Plus
Thank you very much for sharing
bill808 Premium Plus
I use this document to explain to a potential client what I do and how I can help them. It is not copyrighted. I hope it gives you some ideas. Edit it for your situation and use it however you like.

Please let me know how you think this can be improved.
Wdcope Premium
Good overall information Bill.