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Last Update: January 23, 2021

eMail Management Protocol

My computer got dementia. It had been automatically logging in to WA for four years. Suddenly it told me it didn't recognize my email. It took my a week to figure out how to get support when I couldn't log in. Support told me my user name, but they could not give me a password. Now, I tried to change my password but the password link was sent to an eamail I could on access through WA. Catch 22. I use 1Password for everything I need to encrypte. Fortunately, the logi information for the email information I needed was recorded in 1Password.

Bottom line, use an encypted file to store private info and make sure you store all important information in that encrypted file.

File name formating

When sending an email, use a subject line that makes sense and can be found when sorted or searched. I recommend this format: yymmdd-author-subject-cotent. For instance, 210117-WHS-KEPAR-bylaws.

When sorted, all of your emails will be in chronological order, sorted by author and then by the project. Often when receiving mail, the sender will not have an email protocol. Do not change the subject line of received email. If you do, you will change the thread and break the conversation thread.

Managing incoming email.

Before you start reading select all. scan your in box and unselect all important email you want to read. Now, hit the delete button. You will be left with all the email that require some kind of action.
Read the remaining emails. While you are reading, If you can take care of the email in five minutes, do so. If when the email is taken care of, you don't need it anymore, delete it. If you need to keep the email for a record, label/tag it appropriately and move it to an appropriate folder. If the email is important to document a particular project I also keep a copy in Evernote.
At this point you have cleared all junk emails from you inbox and taken care of important emails that can be processed quickly. Now, process all remaining emails by moving them to appropriate email folders or converted the email to a task.

Congratulations, you are now inbox zero.

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bill808 Premium Plus
Thank you, everybody. Yes, it was scary. I couldn't get to my websites, but worse, I couldn't get to my clients' websites.

Now I am making full backups of all my websites on a monthly basis and I am storing those backups in Evernote.

I invite your questions. I'll do my best to answer them, but more importantly, your questions will unlock my writer's block. You will be telling me how I can best serve our WA community.
Debbi26 Premium
Welcome back. Yep, I do that inbox clean thing daily!!!!!! I have files that I put them in if I don't delete. I clean spam daily as well.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Glad you are back, Bill, and thanks for the excellent tips provided here!

drjec Premium
Thanks for the directions.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
That was a lot of work. You'll need a rest now.
bill808 Premium Plus
I've been doing too much resting. Now I gotta take action on all I have learned from WA.