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Last Update: Mar 10, 2020

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How to write website content is both an art and a science. This post gives you an overview of how to write content that ranks.

Inspiration for this post comes from the 6 March 2020 training webinar by Jay Neil. Jay is amazing and I never fail to learn something new. I just scratch the surface of what I learned from this webinar.

There are two kinds of websites:

1.There is the website that you refer people to when they ask if you have a website. I call such sites vanity sites. That is not intended to be derogatory. It is simply a reference to a website that does nothing to help people find it. The site hasn’t been updated in months and possibly not in years.

2. Then there is the website that does everything possible to help the search engines find the site and rank the site on the search engine’s page one.

It is the second website we will be discussing. If you want people to find your website you have to keep that site informative, entertaining and relevant to the people who are interested in what you offer. Content is key to a successful website.

You have two audiences.

1. The people who visit your website.

2. The search engines that index your site and present it to people who are searching for the information you have to offer.

It is up to you to provide information your fans need and find interesting. The more information you can provide the more often people will be motivated to come back to your site.

Search engines look at visitor behavior in determining how to rank your site. The longer people stay on your site, the more they search through your site and how often people come back to you site the higher the search engines will rank your site.

People rarely look beyond page two when searching for information. If a page or post on your website doesn’t rank on page 1 or 2 you have wasted your time and money.

Not all your posts will rank a on the first page, but make sure you have done everything you can to make your site rank well.

Factors that will help you rank.

A key word is a phrase people use when searching for information. A keyword phrase in geek speak is commonly referred to as a “long tail keyword.” I use Jaaxy (link) to research key words. It provides more results faster and more intuitively that anything Google offers. There are more expensive keyword analysis services, but they are overkill unless you are doing a keyword analysis for a client.

The content you are writing should be focused on one thing. That one thing determines what key word you will use. The keyword you use should have at least 100 searches a month and less than 100 other websites using the phrase. Use the key word in the title of you post and in the first paragraph of the post. That is it. Do not try to stuff a lot of keywords in your post. The search engines don’t like spamming.

This is the check list I use to maximize my search engine ranking:

1. Use the key word in the title.

2. Use the key word in the first paragraph of the article.

3. Use the key word in the meta title

4. Use the key word in the meta description

5. Use the key word in the alt tag of all images

6. Use an internal link

7. Use an external link to an authority site. (Wikipedia)

8. End with a Call To Action

9. Tell Google Search Engine Councel to index your post.

10. Post links to your post in social media. I use Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin with Tailwind to automate my posting.

When you write content for the net remember the journalist’s 5Ws & H. Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. Use that formula and your article will be complete.

I have a small notebook and a pen with me all the time It rides in my day pouch on my belt. When I have a thought I want to remember it goes in that note book. I never have to worry about writer’s block.


A successful website gets traffic and converts that traffic to sales. The sale may not involve money. Often the purpose of the website is to get contact information or simply share your mission with others.

Drawing traffic to your website is a matter of providing information that interests your fans. The more focused your niche the easier it will be to promote your site.

Content is a key to getting traffic, New content gives people a reason to return to your website. SEO optimized content helps people find your posts.

Talk to your reader. Keep the tone of your posts conversational. Tell stories. Ask questions. Get your audience involved and answer comments.

Close your posts with a call-to-action. Let people know what you you want them to do.

If you want people to find your site keep you site fresh. Be entertaining, provide good informative, and help you fans solve their problems.

Post a new article at least weekly. The more often you can post new information, the more traffic you will attract to your website.

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All good advice. Thanks for writing it.

Content does not seem to be my problem, as I love to write. The tech stuff is what bogs me down.

Don't forget the clumsy website...

For those of us who try to build the 2nd type but continue to pound their head on the desk...

Thinking that Google doesn't understand what a great answer is compared to a vague answer.

Thanks you Bill,Great job.

The fascinating thing about Internet Marketing is how fast it changes. There is a strong trend to get more engagement with visitors and fans. Ask your readers questions. Respond to comments. Take poles. Encourage conversations.

COVID-19 is here and becoming endemic. It is far more deadly than the flu.

Businesses are going to have to adapt. Online purchases are going to boom and virtual meetings will be the norm.

We are in an ideal position to help people find what they need.

Until a vaccine is developed, the only thing we can do is wash our hands with disinfectant soap, keep our hands away from our face and avoid contact with other people.

Work from home will become common and we can help people set up systems that facilitate WFH.

Stay healthy, prepare for disruptions in normal life.and have a resilient life.

Thanks for sharing a great post.

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