How fortunate I am

Last Update: March 24, 2020

I'm locked down. We must stay at home except for essential shopping. Young people are volunteering to shop for me (My wife and I are 88 &89 ) so definately in high risk catigory. My daughter and most other peiple cannot go to work and anyone coming to Hawaii must submit to a 14 day quarntine.

My affiliate marketing business is booming. People want to buy on line and I am showing them how. My niche is emergency prepredness. I have a month's supply of freeze dried food if thing really get bad. Shelves are bare of most hygene supplies including T-Paper. I've ordered cloth diapers from Amazon and will will use them the same way we used cloth diapers when I was raising our babies.

My income hasn't stoped becauser I cannot work. In fact business is booming. Thanks WA and alll my fabulous mentors here.

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Hmp1 Premium
Great news! Stay safe!
starfalex123 Premium
Hi Bill,Thanks for sharing with us. So pleased to hear that you are doing fine. Stay safe. Fitzgerald
heidiph1 Premium
I'm so glad you have people helping out with the shopping end of things and that is awesome your business is booming! Keep it up!

accad Premium
You really are fortunate, Bill. It's good to be home most of the time. It's what we need this time.
JeffreyBrown Premium
You're making the best of an otherwise bad situation, Bill! Hang in there! This too, shall pass!