AI is an industry disrupter beyond imagination

Last Update: December 07, 2016

I read an article on ZDNet today which describes a store Google has opened in Seattle Walk into the store, pick up the items you want and put them in your cart. Then walk out of the store without ever getting near the cash register or a checkout clerk. What I learned from the article is that RFID credit cards are not secure and anyone with the proper scanner can steal your information and reproduce it on as many cards as they like. Another thing I learned was that artificial intelligence will replace over 3 million checkout clerk jobs as automated check-out technology is implemented throughout the retail industry.

The solution to the first problem is a magnetic shield for your credit card. For sources of protective shields go to Amazon and search for "RFID shields." Click here to read a Wikipedia Article documenting how serious the problem of identity theft is with these new cards.

The second problem is more insidious. Just as backhoes have replaced ditch diggers, artificial intelligence is going to replace any job that is routine and repeatable. If you think your job is tenuous, just think what your grandchildren will face when trying to find a job. I believe the only path to financial resilience is a business we own. You need multiple sources of income and for most people, that means working with the internet. WA provides the information anyone who wants to develop an internet business needs to succeed.

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shashe Premium
What a great article, Bill. I had not a clue. It is terrific to have a heads up on something that is going to affect a lot of people. Thank you! May God Smile on you in 2017. s
drjec Premium
This is an interesting development, but with application limited by geography.
MKearns Premium
Though it's difficult to predict exactly, it would be well to create some type of phasing assessment as to when particular industries get automated. While it may not affect us directly now, it will for the future.
agirl-afloat Premium
My mom just mentioned the new store in Seattle to me today. What a genius idea but also a great indication of where things are heading. I'm so grateful to have found a way to start online businesses that are timeless and will earn me income in the future... So interesting!