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Now that I've been here long enough to know what this site and all the folks here are all about, I was a bit upset at my screen name. I didn't realize I'd be getting to know people, and I thought maybe I should change it to my real name. Be a bit more personal, ya know?I went into settings, made the changes and stopped myself before confirming the changes. I figured....I came in as Big Mook, I'm going' out as Big Mook!The reason for this post you ask? Well, the only reason I even signed up to WA
July 10, 2015
Hello everyone! So a few days ago I posted that I got my first bootcamp sign up, after being here for just 26 days. That's pretty amazing, but I also know that's a fluke as well. But man, it sure does put a little pep in your step, don't it? Anyway, I thought I'd post my stats after being here 30 days. Two reasons I wanted to do this. I told myself I wanted to blog here a little more often. Nothing crazy, just a few times a month. So here's a blog. And secondly, I figured this would be a lot of
July 06, 2015
Hello all my Wealthy Affiliate family. Can I call you family? It's only been 26 days. But I've had some unforgetable help along the way, and you feel more like family here. I mean, everyone really goes out of their way here.And yeah, the title of the blog is a little deceiving. But for good reason. You see, I planned on holding off on this blog for day 30. You know, 1 month in. What do I think so far, kinda blog... I mean it's just 4 days away. I was going to write about how amazing everything h
June 18, 2015
So I've only been here at WA for about a week, but I have noticed one particular similarity to internet marketing and stand up comedy. (Im a comedian) This may sound crazy to most of you, but ANYONE can be a comedian. Yup. Anyone. That's not to say its easy. In fact, it's one of the most difficult things I've ever done in my life. I was always the funny guy in my group of friends. I graduated "Class Comic" from my high school. But doing comedy was completely different from being funny with my f