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Last Update: August 26, 2018

Hey everybody. Sorry haven't been on too much lately. Work has been insanely busy. But I'm back for now so figured it was time for my second blog. I've been doing the training and giving a lot of thought to what my passions are. And outside of my family, it's been hard to think of anything that I'm truly passionate about. I of course have things I enjoy doing, but nothing I truly love. So the Mrs.and I were driving home last week, discussing our training on WA, and our financial plans and situations, and she blurts out "You should make that your passion! You're constantly talking finances!" And she's right! For as long as I've been working, I have thought of so many ways and options that make my financial situations better and better. So many thoughts, and I've always needed to get them out of my head. And unfortunately my wife has been the one subjected to it lol. Well now I have a whole new network of people I can drive insane with them (insert maniacal laugh). It's truly amazing that there are so many simple, easy, and effective ways to organize your finances that help you to see where your money is going, and how to spend wiser without over spending. Of course still being new to the concept of marketing, I'm not sure how I can make that a marketable niche, but I definitely intend to look into it more once I finish with the rest of my training. But for now, it's time to take the new puppy out before bed time. So much to do, and not enough time it seems. So with that being said, allow me to leave you with a quote I came across today that really is inspiring me to keep pushing ahead.

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. -Earl Nightingale

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jeooms Premium
I'm glad you found what your passion is, and are using that to move forward. There are so many people out there needing advice on finances, even simple things most of us just don't think about. How to make it make money? I bet you will figure that out in the training. One of the first things I learned in the training is, to make money you need to help people first. So go for it!
EandS2018 Premium
Time stands still for no man.
BetterDays2C Premium
LOVE the quote! It is absolutely true! We all have the choice of how we spend the time as it passes. We might as well be working on our sites, right?

I can see a lot of ways you can monetize. You could write an ebook with some of your best tips for creating a family budget, what to do in case of an emergency, how to squirrel away a few dollars every week, how to postpone large purchases and how to find the best deal, etc. On and on. I am sure you have advice on all of these!

Also, there are many affiliate programs that pertain to budgets, vacations, etc. You could write reviews/comparisons on Trivago and other sites that promote vacations and then do affiliate programs for them. I always seem to come up with a lot of ideas for other people!! These are just suggestions so you can see the different ways you could go with this.

Good Luck with your "Passion"! I wish you and your family all the best. What a cute family! Wouldn't it be great to spend more time with the children at their ages now? And know that you can always be there for them when they need you. Take Care.
marycmiller Premium
It is exciting you have found your passion, I do hope you find a good way to monetize it. Love the quote it speaks truth.
keishalina9 Premium
...thanks kindly for sharing ... :)