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June 08, 2016
Hi, Fam!! This is just a short FYI....I have found a great resource that pays writers to write. Most assignments will pay $50 and up!! Please share this resource withOther struggling writers you know. List of 92 resources tried to link it to text, but there was no link option! Thanks!Audra
I have to say my journey hasn't been an easy one, but that is to be expected. I find my head spinning at the fact that the one person I should be able to count on (my mate), let's me down every time! My heart hurts.....My head hurts.....I'm tired. I was planning to just journal t I wanted to share because so many of you have shared so much! I basically have no internet service until the first of the month and I am beyond heated!!My internet bill was not paid....the only Bill in the house I did
I know that many of the websites we have been directed to to retrieve useable images are not totally FREE! I'm glad other members are doing well and don't miss the money spent here and there on photos, Kudos to you all! The majority of us probably don't have extra money to spend...sometimes maybe even $30-$50 per post depending on how long your posts are on average, and how many images you would need. I do most things FREE and exhaust all avenues before I use a service where payment is necessar
May 17, 2016
Sooooo, about 4 or 5 days ago my computer crashed! I actually reacted pretty good...I usually blow a gasket or two when my electronics malfunction!! My mind was at ease because I knew I could just work on my IPad....which I have been. The issue with an iPad is definitely the touch's not the best!!! I have things on widgets discombobulated, and I'm seriously in the doorway of frustration!! Like, right in the's twice as difficult to upload images, copy and pas
May 12, 2016
Hi, Family! I decided to blog today (way late on my progress update--64 days in!) because I have a blog review coming up and it could get ugly! lol I don't use foul language on my blog, though this post could cause me to!I am seriously a 'sailor mouth' and that is why I have held off doing any videos or pod casts but I intend to do both. I do all kinds of reviews and this one is a doozie! Have any of you ever tried food or a service and written a review that wasn't bashing? I mean, the service
I don't know how all of you are handling 'editor' issues, but I've had it!This thing skips around the page (WP editor), and the buttons freeze up, sometimes it won't link my links, and now if I use bold or italics I can't change it back! What the?? I am beyond frustrated, I have three posts waiting in the wings because the editor won't allow me to do what I'm trying to do.My next move is to search my plug ins for a solution....we can truly find loads of info searching the plug ins! I wanted to
April 27, 2016
There are many ways that bloggers can monetize his-her websites! I know the most traditional display and banner ads are most popular, but I believe using a combination of advertisements may be what works best, especially for most of us who are newbies! It boils down to the 'search' folks. Information is out there, but are you looking for it in the right places? Yeah, you probably won't find much there! You need to look in the right places. Using an ad network because your friends l
April 23, 2016
I have to say I am no longer "feeling" the comment exchange! If people cannot make sound, thought out comments WITHOUT trying to criticize on the website, then please skip over mine.We are all trying to run businesses here and the comment section is not for people to leave criticisms on a persons website comments! The critiques should be made back on the WA this not common sense?If you are commenting like a regular visitor, why would my theme or the colors on my page be stated in
April 18, 2016
My blog is basically a 'family friendly' blog meaning there are no suggestive or inappropriate conversations nor advertisements! What I do is research online the different opportunities available to work at home, and I share my findings with my readers.I have a list of job categories that I plan to blog about coming of those categories is 'web-cam' model. Now of course when I think of models my mind goes everywhere because we've been seeing men and women walk around in their skivvies s
April 15, 2016
I have been looking at all of the accounts I have set up that are associated with my business. Most of my accounts have my website name and/or address stated someplace where most people would see it. I also have actual pictures of myself (though I prefer toon pics :) ) on each profile so people will know who I am. The issue that I keep facing is that my Google accounts are set up under my "email" address which is NOT my name, nor does it in any way represent my business (though I have a photo t