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Hello Friends,Today is my website is ready, the design, the planning and I made a "save the date post" to let people know I am finally start a personal blog to join so many others in that digital nomad life! I am really don't like my photo going public as an introvert and I really am nervous about my first blog, but I do it!In the planning we decided to post 3 times a week with afilliatelinks and I will post a "triggerpost" after a week to get more people to the blog and the articles. If this i
Hello friends on this platform. After a view days of training and learning I try to use this blog to start my own blog with your help. I already make a magazine but I want to start a blog and use my website and my brand to start the affiliate life. It would be a waist promoting all these brands, traveling to all these events, without making money out of it. But It is all new to me. I am more of an introvert and like my anonymous life behind the computer. Now i have to communicate with my commu