My four stages of competence at WA

Last Update: May 27, 2017

In accordance with the famous 'four stages of competence' theory ascribed to Noel Burch, I have already progressed from the first stage of 'unconscious incompetence' to 'conscious incompetence' in that 'I did not know what I did not know' before joining this amazing community at WA and I 'now know what I need to know' to progress. To understand this 'hierarchy of competence' better, have at look at the Wikipedia definition.

All the very best fellow learners and masters alike!

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WarrenK1 Premium
Hi, Berend! I will definitely give this a look as I have not heard of the Four Stages of Competence before. Just goes to show that we never know it all and that there can be something we need right in front of us if we know where to look. Thanks for showing the way. Best of luck in all you do. Warren
Berend Premium
Glad you're intrigued, Warren. Very interesting model and easy to relate to.