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Last Update: March 03, 2014

I was off to a great start last year, and then had to back off. Well, I'm back on now and I was wondering if anybody had a few moments to point me in the right direction as to how I can catch up on all the new changes, bells and whistles that WA has to offer. The updated buttons and status alerts are a nice touch. What else? Thanks for your time.

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Shawn Martin Premium
Welcome back stranger!
Sounds like Ma will get ya back up to speed. need anything else holler!
BenTrident Premium
mama2karsten Premium
Where in the world have you been? I wondered what happened to you... Glad to see you back... There have been several changes during that time period.... will try to make a list when I feet a chance... Good luck and welcome back...
BenTrident Premium
Thanks mama2karsten
DoubleTap Premium
Hey there Ben, man is it good to have you back! Been missing you a lot, especially when I get the vids with you training at Trident.

Not sure where to even start. I guess maybe the BootCamp is a little more involved now.

Street Articles has seemed to taken more of a back seat and ya' really don't see too many people spending time over there now.

The starter membership has changed a bit. It was changed to only allow a starter to check everything out for a week and then have to make a decision to move on to Premium or say adios and be moved to an island of sorts. If I'm not mistaken, I think it's back to the original form in the sense that no one pulls the ring on the seat ejector on day 8 of having signed up.

Your homepage is changed a bit and finding the banners and links for promoting WA and Siterubix may be a little more difficult to locate.

With a little more emphasis on the Ambassadorship program, you'll see quite a few more stupid, useless comments in your posts from Rank Spankers.

But at the same time, you'll notice there are quite a few more guys around that will offer some great help, almost to the extent that you took me under your wings when my sponsor was no where to be found.

Kyle and Carson are very accessible these days, probably moreso than I've ever seen.

You'll also see that there is a ton more of training videos covering a multitude of areas that were previously untouched... possibly having to do with the Ambassadorship program.

Also you may notice on G+ that 'Hang Outs' are becoming more and more prevalent and there are indeed, some great ones out there.

Squiddo is hardly ever mentioned now after some pretty healthy shake ups there. You're probably pretty up on all of that, though.

Support here at WA is probably at it's highest point... these guys have absolutely been top notch lately... just smokin'.

The best part about WA currently is havin' you back! Hope you and the family are doing great!!
BenTrident Premium
Thanks DT
DIGGER12 Premium
I would recommend starting at the beginning as a refresher....take a look around at all the bells and whistles, and get re-antiquated with WA . I made a Get Started page on my site as a kind of walk-through if your interested I can PM you the link . Otherwise, I just kind of wandered around lol. Welcome back
BenTrident Premium
Thanks for the advice DIGGER12
autumn56 Premium
Hey there, quite a bit changed here is an overview of it all https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/carson/blog/design-with-a-purpose-our-focus-on-you-continues its a post that carson made when everything was updated. Also if you plan on promoting WA then Kyle has redone the affiliate bootcamp walkthrough video in course one, lesson one of the affiliate bootcamp. hope that helps a little.
BenTrident Premium
That's what I was looking for, thanks Autumn56