New Client - Blogger Export - What now?

Last Update: January 17, 2020

Well, the client is an old friend of mine that I'm going to start helping again. We had a blogspot set up on Google, now we are launching a Wordpress site and I'm hosting it here at WA.

So I had a smooth export that I did this morning, but now I guess I should delete or turn off the blog for duplicate content. I'm going to research this on WA soon, but I wanted to get some thoughts if you'd like to leave 'em. I'll check back soon.

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Maryc1 Premium
Thanks for the information
DoubleTap Premium
Hey Ben, it seems like I used 'Blogger to Wordpress' when I brought my blogspot over and I think it has a redirect in it that just redirects everything over so that there is no problems with duplicate content. I never had to go in and delete my old blogspot or any of the content that I can recall! Best of luck, partner!
techhound Premium
Hey Ben,

Yes you should delete the entire Blogger blog and Google will eventually sort it out. Make sure you have your Analytics and your Webmaster Tools set up so that you can submit your sitemap on your new website.

Best Regards,
BenTrident Premium
Great advice, thanks for your time techhound.