MailChimp and Honest Subject Lines

Last Update: January 17, 2020

Hi WA friends, man, it's been a while since my last blog post here. I wanted to share a quick success story... well, small success I guess.

I finally got started with integrating MailChimp to bring back former clients/previous inquiries. And I sent out the first two emails with Mail Chimp campaigns.... to over 100 subscribers for the first two emails, and both times only about 10% opened the email.

The third time I sent an email, it was just simply an honest subject header. Everyone in my email list was someone who needed a follow up, as I had not heard back from them again, and I didn't know if they were still interested or not.

So that's what my subject was... "Still Wondering About You..."

And after I sent it out.... it hit over 30% opens rather quickly. Was a good feeling if you know what I mean.

Anyway, just wanted to share that, to hopefully save you a lot of time and heartache in trying to do what everybody else does;

"February Special Price... Act Now!" or something kinda lame like that. :(

PS: I'm wondering if anyone is really reading this post. I wonder if this is something that everyone else already knows, because WA definitely teaches good, original content..., not like what I tried to no avail.

Do the training folks!

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Ventures2000 Premium
Good work, I read it all, thanks, Robert
BenTrident Premium
Thanks Robert, appreciate your time.
RaeAnnePond Premium
I'm not at this point in my training yet, but I'll remember to keep it real. Thank you Ben!
BenTrident Premium
Keep it real RaeAnne!
MarionBlack Premium
Yeah, apparently the price oriented subject lines don't go over as well as a real personal one. Good share Ben.
goodsuccess Premium
Yes, honest straight forward subject lines will always do better than what the "guru's say to use"! Thanks for sharing this Ben.
BenTrident Premium
Unless you are talking about a WA guru, then they're usually right on the money. $$ :)
Maxiam59 Premium
yes I am reading your post and I and a lot of people I am sure use Mail Chimp and we appreciate the help all the best Max