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This is going to be a short post.. but i'd like you to check out this meme...Let me know if you agree with it or not...So my question to you is...."Are you working to be someone elses passive income? Or working on your own passive income?"Answer down in the comments...Build The Life You Want,Chris M
October 24, 2018
Jerry, Grace, Eric, and Tim are all making their Vegas posts... so I guess I will throw my hat in as well... BenjisDad (and BenjisMom) is going to Vegas!I have been looking forward to this Vegas conference when I saw all the fun everyone had at the last events. The one thing that I must say has been the most helpful here is the testimonials from those that have done it and had success with it. I suggest this to any and everyone... when you are feeling down-and-out and you feel like that ghost t
This will be a quick update as I wanted to share another milestone. With all the programs that I promote collectively, I have already eclipsed this mark over and over again. But this is the first time that I have earned over $300 FROM ONLY WA commissions. I say that because I recently posted how I made $500 in a single day, but that was from a few programs collectively. This $312 is just from WA commissions. Again, not here to brag... but the last post got a great response and wanted to show wh
September 17, 2018
Ok....So I totally envy every single person that has the guts to post their earnings. I have total and unyielding respect for each and every one of you. Why?Because it kind of exposes you to everyone. If you know me at all, you know that I do not like being braggadocios or want to be seen as me flaunting. But at the end of the day, this is something that I have worked for and really want to show you all (especially my referrals) that making money online is real and works. I'm SickSo currently,
Do you remember Algebra in school? You know, that type of math where you need to 'solve for x'. I don't know about you, but that kind of math stumped me at first. If I remember correctly, Algebra was introduced to me around the sixth or seventh grade. What was most surprising about it was that the techniques needed to be successful in Algebra all was built on math that I learned from the first grade up until that point. Remember that algebraic principle that addition undoes subtraction? What ab
This will be a fun post. So humor me... Yesterday, I ran to the Apple Store to get my iPad looked at and while I was walking back to my car, I found $5 on the ground! I was ecstatic! Totally Passive Income, right? lol. Ethics aside, I looked around and saw no one and figured, oh well, I guess I could find a good home for this $5. As a blogger, your mind is constantly going looking for fun creative blog ideas and it struck me... "How much money would NOT be worth my time to stop and pick up?"So
August 16, 2018
I have a story to share...So I had a bit of 'good luck' with a new service that I am trying out. But when I stepped back and really thought about it... was it really luck? or was it just taking life by the horns and making things happen!?!Well, I am a true believer in the thinking that the answer is NO to every question that is not asked. (I know it isn't always the case, but work with me here...)So I have been using an optimization tool for my Youtube Channel for a while now and I think I had
Today I want to share a principle with you that can and will change your life if you allow it to. Imagine a salesman waking up in the morning and seeing it pouring down raining, some are calling it the storm of the century!So the salesman #1 wakes up and says, "WOW, it is really coming down out there. No one can expect me to go out in that to make any sales! I think I'll stay home"It is a somewhat plausible conclusion... would you agree? Salesman #2 wakes up and says, "WOW, it is really coming
So understanding how QSR works is one of the things that I struggled with most often when I first made it over to WA. I did not understand why Googling something with the quoted search results mattered at all!I would Google my term without quotes and get terrified at wasting my time trying to write a blog post and trying to outrank huge places like Amazon or someone site with HUGE Domain authority. How can I possibly out rank them?!?!?!?Well after using the system and growing in my Google knowl
This will be a quick post, just wanted to let you all know of Brian Dean. The guy is a freakin' genius when it comes to SEO. One thing of note, a lot of what he mentions in his latest video is preached (and has been preached) for years on WA. So you should be grateful that one of the leading experts in Google Search Engine Optimization is using the same tricks that we have been learning for a while now. The training here is good enough to get you going and makign money online. But do not be obl