So YouTube Just Paid Me $2,053.47

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Yeah.. $2,053.47.

Would you agree that is significant money?

What would you do with an extra $2k+ a month? (let me know down in the comments)

So, the natural question is how did my online business earn me this type of money?

Easy... YouTube Adsense.

I have for YEARS cried and moaned trying to teach the masses that YouTube Adsense is quite possibly the WORST way that you can monetize your YouTube channel. (Honestly, I still stand by that to a certain extent...)

But when the channel pays you $2k or more a month, you really cannot ignore the fact that it can become a pretty GREAT source of income.

For the record, this is not affiliate offers, this is not sponsorship deals, this is not merchandise... this is straight up YouTube Adsense... YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

Getting to that first 1000 subscribers is difficult, it really is, but I have been using tricks of the trade that I have learned from EXTENSIVE research and have found ways to reach these goals faster.

As a result, all of my sweat, toil, and anguish and time is paying off.

There is nothing better than working extra hard on something and getting more than a 'pat on the back' form your boss, just so that he can give you more work.

I know that Jay has been doing webinars in recent weeks talking about the power of YouTube, but honestly, the power of YouTube cannot be fully quantified. It's difficult to put into words.

It is quite possibly the hottest traffic source in the world right now, if you are not taking advantage of it, then you are truly missing out.

Now this is not saying that Blogging is no longer viable, but I honestly believe YouTube has to be part of your content strategy as well... even if you do not want to show your face. (which is OK, too)

So if something is holding you back from starting YouTube to add-on to your business and help it grow, ignore it and push through.

Create a video already... just do it... without thinking. You quickly realize that your fears and concerns are all in your head.

If you plan on using YouTube right now or sometime in the future, please let me know in the comments or throw at me what your biggest hold up is in starting YouTube and let's see if we can push through together.

EDIT: A number of you have asked to see my YouTube channel. You can visit my profile page here at WA and you will find the link in the Follow Me On Links or you can simply click here

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Congratulations. Good job.

I am planning to have a Youtube channel too which I will start as I get ahead with SAC and some other side gigs. But if there's any training that you will be doing, I will be on it as any tips will be helpful.

Thank you.


the last few videos i have posted have all been about youtube, go check them out!

I’ll do that. Thank you.

Cool. This is something I didn't know. My biggest hold up is fear. I don't even know how to do it. It seems so technical for me. How to do a YouTube video without showing my face. I am Deaf, I use sign language so my audience would be limited. I need to learn how without showing my face and put captioning on there, or find someone in Fiverr whose willing to do the voice over for me and caption the video.

Hi Brenda, i wouldnt count it out yet. I know a few channels of those that are deaf and doing pretty good with it. The deaf watch Youtube too, lol.

Of course we watch YouTube. I do. Only thing is the dont know how hence is why Jay’s training helps but yours is awesome. Never knew about YouTube adsense. Any suggestions?

it is like having adsense on your website. you wont make a fortune wit it, but yuo can earn a decent income in the right niche.

It's all because I trusted you bro! I am now one of the top 200! I am so grateful for you and your sharing of successes here and all over the web! I consider you a friend and some day look forward to shaking your hand!
You inspire me Chris!

I see that day coming fairly soon Pete. Can't wait bro!

Yes! Youtube is definitely a gold mine!

Totally agreed Dan

Wow, that is awesome! YouTube is part of my plans for sure. I would love to hear some more on what and how you proceeded. Are you planning on making training on the subject...? That would be super helpful, in addition to Jay's training. Thanks for sharing with us!

I will eventually Jessica. But the last few videos on my channel talk alot about it as well if you go check them out

I will check it out. Thanks!

I agree with that you YouTube is the hottest traffic source. So true!

I love it! Holly

I am planning to go on YouTube after completing my full training would need yr help

I'm not going anywhere Raju, so consider it done!

Awesome. Congratulations. 👍
My all time issue with YouTube is: CONTENT.
I feel stuffs are already been saturated in YouTube now. So, I keep procrastinating.
But I'm encouraged after reading your post.
Thanks for sharing this.


its not saturated at all.. NOT AT ALL. go for it Akshay, seriously.

Sure. I'll. Very soon now👍

I am definitely thinking of using YouTube in the near future and would like to hear more from you.

Thanks and goodluck!

more like what Noreen?

Congrats. I would loke to look at your YouTube channel as well.

i just added the link to the bottom of the post, check it out!

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