Las Vegas 2020 WA Super Affiliate Conference: A REAL Eye-Opener

Last Update: Feb 20, 2020

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If you are not working toward building your business with Wealthy Affiliate's training, you are missing out on THE opportunity of a lifetime.

In 2015, I was in substantial credit card debt, I was not able to make ends meet financially, my family was growing and I had no way to take care of them because what I was doing to earn money just wasn't enough.

When Benji's Mom and I decided to have her quit her job so we could take care of our new son properly, every bit of pressure that I already had on me to provide, felt like it tripled. Just an enourmous weight on my shoulder and all I could do was sit there and just "hope" that I got the raise that my job had promised me earlier in the year.

That extra $0.50/hour was really going to 'solve' my money problem. <--- sarcasm...

Spoiler alert... there were 'cut-backs' and I didn't get the raise I was promised.

The Discovery

If you are here reading this, you likely stumbled across WA from a review.

I am no one special... I went through the same process. I stumbled across a random WA review and heard that it was free to join.... so I did.

Fast forward a year or so, and at present, I am soaring exactly 33,123 feet in the air traveling from one of the most insightful, helpful, and fun 5 days of my life. The 2020 Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference.

This experience was made possible by ONE review.

My point here is that the opportunity that we have right now, is an opportunity that can and will change your life if you allow it to. You just have to put in the focus and the work.

What Happened at the Conference

Have you ever felt drained? Lost? or Confused? as to where to go next with your website?

How did you get out of your funk?

One thing I used was reading success stories like these;

Reading those stories worked, and continues to, work wonders. I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to give up because traffic was 'slow' or I felt I wasn't making enough to continue. Then I would read someones else's success story and know that I could do it too... I just have to hold out a little while longer.

I am glad I held out.

The 2020 Las Vegas Super Affiliate conference is the recharge of all recharges. Everything from inspiration, to hope, to reflecting on what we did and how we can improve.

Hanging with other marketers dealing with the same struggles and what they did to overcome them.

Even almost being star-struck hanging out with Kyle, Carson, Jay, Nathaniell, Jerry, LittleMama, Eddy, TimMcKinlay, Vitaly, J-KWest just to name a few....

We even get to hear what WA has planned for the next year. (by the way, what's coming is game-changing and I am not exaggerating in the least.)

Just so much information, so much anticipation, so much affirmation that what we are doing here is not just changing our lives, but those that read (or watch) our content.

You Can Do It, Too

Promoting WA is a choice. No one is forced to do it. But it is an extremely satisfying niche.

It's not easy... but well worth the effort, and it helps that WA itself is amazing and works when you apply the teachings. That truly makes it an easy sell.

The invitation from Kyle is pretty simple, earn 300 sales and get an all-expense paid trip to bounce ideas off the top marketers in the world. LITERALLY FOR FREE.

I honestly cannot think of another business that offers that (if you do, let know in the comments below).

What's Stopping You?

One of the main roadblocks I get from students is that they do not have time to blog. Which is legitamate. Life happens and we need to prioritize what we can. But just like I did when the comany I devoted 50+ hours a week to, constantly lied to me regarding raises and being taken advantage of, I took life into my own hands.

Now, if I want a raise, i just start a new website and follow the training here to get it generating income. At least I know I won't be lying to myself.

So take control of your life and do something now that your future 'self' will thank you for.

It takes nothing but just a moment to make a decision that can effect your life and your families lives. But more than making the decision, you need to start and stick with it.

FOCUS = Follow One Course Until Success

The reality is... your content will probably not be 'amazing' early on, but as with anything you keep doing, you will get better at it as time goes on. Put something out there.. anything... and then just improve on it over time. Even if it is just 1% better each time, that is still better than it was before.

Your growth and learning is cumulative, meaning it starts to compound or double-up on itself over time.

But... nothing happens if you don't get out there and make it happen.


We all have a story.

Mine just happened to involve my family, but what is your story? Why are you interested in building a blog in the first place? Allow that to be your motivation to keep moving forward.

Work toward that goal and don't stop until you achieve it. It's the whole reason we choose goals when we first start here at WA, it is to give us motivation to see what is possible and work towards it.

Whether you decide to promote WA is irrelevant.

What is important is learning the valuable skills in the training and turn it into an income. Your website is an asset from the moment you buy the domain.

Cultivate it, prune it, water it, keep it safe, but most importantly, BUILD IT UP.

Just being honest, we need more people at Vegas and I believe you can do it.

The blueprint is laid out for you. But it is up to you to follow it and make something of it.

Take responsibility for your life and actions. Don't allow outside forces to prevent you from building an empire online.

As I tell all of my referrals, give your business the focus it needs because it will likely pay you more than anything else. Not just in money, but satisfaction.

Take Control,

Chris Myles AKA BenjisDad


What is your story? Why are you here? Are you working toward a goal? Are you taking control of your life, or allowing life to control you? Sound off in the comments and let me know.

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Recent Comments


All of your post are amazingly inspiring, I just ran across one of your posts earlier this evening, and I'm still reading them. I've got to stop and get back to work, I've got my own future to create!
Thanks so much for all you continue to do here at WA!

Hey Chris,

Thank you for sharing this post. This is truly inspirational and very motivating.

I started WA back in July 2019 for pretty much the same reasons you did.

I too, have a family and I want the best for them and myself.

Working my 9 to 5 and living paycheck to paycheck pushed me to make the decision to start an online business.

This is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ll be honest, there were times that life did get in the way and I wanted to give up but I’m still going strong.

I’ve learned so many valuable skill sets here at WA that I have never previously knew or had experience with and I continue to learn and I do not plan on stopping!

Stories like yours and others are great reminders of the possibilities that are waiting on the other side!

Thank you for sharing this!

Hello BenjisDad,

You are an inspiration and quite a motivator all at the same time. Congratulations on making it to the Las Vegas 2020 with the other Super Affiliates. Must have been an experience of a lifetime. Little Mama shared a Blog about Las Vegas 2020 and photos, it was very exciting to read.
Thank you for a Great Post, it gives us newbies hope that we can succeed too. I am now following you ;-)
Kind Regards,

PS Stay safe and Stay well

Awesome. Thanks cecelia!

Well done, Chris, and thanks for sharing such an inspirational story.
I joined WA just a couple of months before you and have lacked focus and this has had the unintended but inevitable consequence of causing me to question my ability to 'do this' which has been self-defeating and self-fulfilling in equal measure.
We've been here a similar time and have had the same resources at our finger tips, so the only difference between you getting to Vegas and me not getting there is what each of us has done with the amazing opportunity we've got our hands on here.
Like Nethaniell's story inspired you, your story here has inspired me to get a grip and start to believe in myself again.
I look forward to buying you a thank-you beer in Vegas next year!
Rich :-)

Hi Chris, sorry I've missed your post, I'm still trying to catch up on things. It was sooooo nice to see you again!! What you wrote up there is all 100% so true. Our whys and what motivates us are the things we need to keep priorities on and we need to keep them in front for us to strive for everyday in our business. Without them, there's no reason to even get up in the morning.

As always, you're so fun to be around. :) Thanks for being awesome!


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