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Last Update: September 17, 2018


So I totally envy every single person that has the guts to post their earnings. I have total and unyielding respect for each and every one of you.


Because it kind of exposes you to everyone.

If you know me at all, you know that I do not like being braggadocios or want to be seen as me flaunting.

But at the end of the day, this is something that I have worked for and really want to show you all (especially my referrals) that making money online is real and works.

I'm Sick

So currently, I am sick as a dog. Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, headaches... the works.

So half of Saturday and most of Sunday, I just laid around doing absolutely nothing. The aches and pains of my uncommon common summer cold were taking a toll on me.

BenjisMom lovingly made me her signature Jamaican Hot Toddy's (<-- niche idea?) and those basically knocked me out the majority of the day.

So as I was oscillating in and out of consciousness throughout most of Sunday, I largely ignored emails and questions and new referrals hitting the platform (for that I apologize). I figured I would get to most of them that night or in the morning.

So I finally awoke from my drunken stupor from the hot toddy's and logged into WA like any other day to see what was going on...

That is when I saw it...

$514 in commissions. This was just WA commissions, not the host of other products I promote. JUST WA.

I was floored and almost dropped my 4th Ray and Nephew toddy of the day.

If that is not passive income... I am not sure what is...

My Conclusion

So please do not judge me for posting this. I'm breaking a rule of mine doing this, and this may be my only post I ever make regarding earnings (until I break $1,000 in a single day)

What I want you all to understand is this...

I was straight up shot most of the day and did not do anything to grow my business, did nothing to increase my earnings, did nothing by stare at the back of my eyelids for the majority of the day.

And I made $514.

Do you understand that that means?

imagine I had a job that paid me $20 an hour... I work 8 hours and that is $160. That would be my MAXIMUM earning potential for the day. So I made enough money in 1 day that would have taken me more than 3 days to reach had I had a normal $20 an hour job.

Let that sink in...

I will even push it one step further... (assuming no overtime) Even if by the grace of God I could somehow work 24 hours straight at $20/hr, my MAXIMUM earning potential is only (only?) $480.

Let that sink in...

Yes... it takes time to cultivate.

No... it is not just gonna be handed to you

Yes... it will take effort on your part.

but here is the kicker...

Yes... it works.

Working that 9-5 (or whatever) is all fine and dandy, but what if you broke your leg tomorrow? What if you got into a car accident? What if you couldn't work for ANY reason.

Would you still be bringing in that same paycheck? Likely Not...

I was basically incapacitated yesterday and my brand, from 1 affiliate program, made more money in a single day than I could have done working a normal $20/hr job.

I repeat.... let that sink in...

Anyways... enjoy the day ladies and gentleman, there is plenty of money to be made out there. You just have to position yourself in a way to get it and benefit from it.

If you do not do this, someone else will. (like me!)

I hope this inspires more than it incites envy (If it does, I apologize) and I bid you adieu.

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AlenkaV Premium
Congratulations on your hard work, first of all. And then, huge congratulations on your well deserved success! How inspiring for all of us here at WA.
Thank you for sharing!
BenjisDad Premium
np, anytime
heljam404A Premium
Great Job!
BenjisDad Premium
thanks, i appreciate it!
DonnyMasakwa Premium
Thanks Benji's Dad like always yoy are such an inspiration... congrats i hope i will be that successful too
BenjisDad Premium
thanks, i appreciate it!
rubanzema Premium
BenjisDad Premium
thanks, i appreciate it!
JonLake Premium
Nice one Chris - Well done.

Get well soon.
BenjisDad Premium
thanks, i appreciate it!