A Blog Post A Day Keeps The Employer Away

Last Update: August 07, 2019

Have you ever heard that before?

A blog a day keeps the employer away?

I am sure you are familiar with the "apple a day keeps the doctor away"

But we ain't talking APPLES! We are trying to build a significant income so that we can fire your boss!

So how can a "blog a day keep the employer away ?"


Right now... you are reading this blog post. Next you may check another email. Next you may check Instagram, or Facebook. Next you watch YouTube or watch TV, or listen to a podcast...

Notice each thing we 'do' we benefit what someone else has written, posted, created, produced... So we constantly CONSUME content. Consume... Consume... Consume.

Typically, when we consume content, we do so mindlessly without having to think very much. We watch to learn or to be entertained or to be warned about something.

But let's flip the script... what if YOU started PRODUCING and others consumed what you created? What would happen?

You would then offer value to a marketplace desperate for more creators.

Online entrepreneurs are nothing more than good creators of content. When I create a YouTube video or a blog, my first and primary concern is to HELP SOLVE A PROBLEM.

If I help solve a problem, then people now and in the future will find me when they encounter a similar problem. So while the content is created, I can build an audience from it.

I have friends that tell me that this business model does not work... but you are sitting on your phone reading this email.. so that is proof that this does work.

I'm no one special. Just took an idea and ran with it.

So what are you going to do? Consume or Produce?

Remember... a blog a day, keeps the employer away.

Take Control,
Chris M


Have you created today?

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klchang Premium
I think we are both consumer and producer, at least, here at WA.
How? To write a quality post, we need to do research...consume.
After all the researches, we then write out the post...produce.
The thing is that we are producing quality articles from all that researches...that is we are making it better than before. Which means? More traffic...potential higher income.
Thanks for the sharing, Chris and all the best to you and family.
Calvinator63 Premium
Hi Chris,


What a great and true spin on an old classic!!

Very inspiring to many, and it definately shows your creativness to be more than the usual coach will do!!

And, Ooh how true it is, we are creators of content to serve our audience, when we solve problems within our niche our authoritative value skyrockets especially if it is a major problem that most can not overcome.

Funny after you cross that bridge to self-employment and you find yourself on the other side how things start to look differently.

I know that you have just recently joined the ranks of self-sufficiency and becoming your own fulltime boss. But I can't help to wonder if you have noticed the shift in your thinking pattern yet?

Are things in your business becoming more clear and focused on which way or why you want to proceed as your future path yet?

This was one of the first things I noticed after becoming self-employed full time. Of course, I had a mentor that helped me through the transition and pointed this shift out to me.

I don't know if I would have recognized it on my own!!

Great job , KEEP IT UP!!

Living Life Large, Calvin
EdwinBernard Premium
Thanks Chris for encouraging us to think what we need to do to succeed. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

When you pass your drivers test you are 100% certain you can drive. That belief is absolute and a huge motivation to learn and complete what is necessary to pass the test.

It requires that level of belief to learn and complete what is necessary to be successful in Affiliate Marketing.

I have concluded it’s lack of this belief that hinders our progress. Here’s how I approach this dilemma.

Wealthy Affiliate provides us with a recipe, that if I follow, will provide me with passive income in time. The amount of this time is directly related to my efforts.

Since I want to stat earning an income as soon as possible I now have the motivation necessary to do all it takes.

Why does this not always work? Life has a way to throw obstacles in our way, rearranging our priorities. It requires discipline and focus to counter these obstacles. These are habits that need to be instilled in our psyche to ensure we succeed.

The concept is simple but the execution is difficult. As is the case to achieve anything of value.

Thanks once again Chris.


Wdcope Premium
Creating value and presenting value is very important in all we do in any business, especially affiliate marketing. Good post.
PastorDre Premium
Great Post. Thank you.
Janet1919 Premium
Great post as always,
Thanks for sharing
All the best on your journey

PeakLiving Premium
Definitely great advice. Thanks for sharing it this morning.
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for the helpful and motivating post.

Since June 2019 I am creating one post per day and you are one of the main reason for that.

Although I am just getting 10-25 organic clicks per day I am determined to create one post per day.

Thanks a lot!
AffMktgRt Premium

Great post and reminder for us all.

For me it may not be a blog post a day, however, I am working on a different project which is intended to indeed help solve problems for many out there.

Wilmer6 Premium
Great blog post, Chris creating valuable content on a daily basis is a must.
Keep up the great work!
GomMagtibay Premium
Good rhyme and I like it. Actually, I love it. Not an ordinary rhyme but a powerful one. :)
LisaJM Premium
Thanks for the inspiration. You're right: tip the balance from consumption to production and good things (like keeping the employer away) will follow!
Best of luck for your contined success.
Joes946 Premium
Yes Chris, you are special. You hit the nail on the head. Produce something people will consume and want to consume.
Enjoy the journey.
BenjisDad Premium
thanks Joe!