Training Level 2 Lesson 10 - My First Blog with my Progress

Last Update: March 22, 2019

Hello Everyone -

As I progress through the training I amnow at Level 2 Lesson 10 where I am to post my progress thus far. There has been a lot of work that has needed to be done and it isn'tas if marketing or working online is completely new to me. I have abackground in it but never really got an opportunity to really getinto the online aspects until a few years ago with another venture. It was with that venture that I started to work with PPC Ads. Atthat point I really wanted to build my core marketing skills into themore updated online world.

Long story short, the doors opened upand I began to learn more and more and later saw opportunities toreally develop those skills and expand opportunities in the affiliatemarketing world. So here I am. The challenges have been to reallydig down and find a niche. My mind exploded with potential ideasthat I think can be fantastic a little later on but I need to finetune it to start somewhere and worry about the other things later. From there its writing. Yes, writing! Something that we can allstruggle with. This isn't that I can't write (you don't have to be aaward winning novelist) but sit down, plan out your topics, doresearch and put something together. For me its got to be qualityand what I offer has to be of value.

It takes me a few hours but I ambecoming more efficient. I am hearing 1-2 posts per week isrecommended. I am only doing 1 right now but its good, its wellresearched, sources cited and links built outside and inside my siteas I want there to be good credibility moving forward. Themonetizing will come later and some fine tuning on the look and feelaround the corner.

It hasn't been easy but I am learning alot and I hope to get things progressing to begin to trickle in someincome in the coming weeks or months -THEN – at that point reallyhave a stronger grasp of the big picture to really become moresophisticated and tinker with some of the bigger ideas. For now Igot to stick with the plan and training step by step and be patient.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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AlexEvans Premium
Looks like you are making good progress keep gong.

We are all here to learn, so all in the same boat.

Best wishes as you move forward with the training and website and content creation.

The great thing is we get to set our own pace.