First Road Block! How I Overcame This Obstacle.

Last Update: November 21, 2018

It's safe to say that I have hit my first road block. Up until this point (Leading up to 3 months in). I was full steam ahead and trying to adjust the Wealthy Affiliate business into my quite plain lifestyle.

In all honesty. I did not really focus on paying it forward and was more concerned with doing all that I can do to escape from the clutches of control. Like the commitments and obligations we have working for the man every damn week day.

In my head, I have been subconciously battling to take control of my own life, set my on rules, make my own plans and decisions. Live life on my own terms.

The past week and a half has been a tough one I do admit. Though, I am starting to see it as more of a blessing than a burden.

I wasn't sure what was happening to me mentally. It's as if my own psyche was testing me. Telling me to step back for a second and take a good hard look at myself.

Analyze the type of person I am now, opposed to the type of business minded individual I want to become.

It's as if things have been running on auto pilot and now they are slowly starting to become more clear.

I know that the type of person I am now is not somebody who is professionally minded. But I have been trying very hard to understand why I wasn't able to change. But, I now feel I have a new sense of purpose.

It's time to start taking this opportunity (WA) more seriously and begin to reinvent my image as a whole.

I have come to the conclusion that if I want to become successful. I need to:

  • Act like a professional 24/7
  • Pase myself, be patient and enjoy the process.
  • Keep in mind that my obligation is to help others succeed in whichever way I can. It's not all about my success.
  • Plan ideas and routines for more efficiency.
  • Truly follow everything in WA training from start to finish, no matter how tedious a task may seem.

With that said. I guess we all need to take a step back every now and again for a second.

Try and figure out what we really want to achieve in life. Try and envision a better future for ourselves. Like Vickic3 has been blogging about recently.

Are we realistically putting all the tools to work to safely get us from A to B, B to C. So on and so forth.

I feel that the bottom line is. If you cannot pay it forward and play our pivital role as an associate within WA by:

  1. Building an e-Business
  2. Paying it forward for the community.

Than maybe were not quite ready to become the individual we know who we were born to be.

With the affordability and everything Wealthy Affiliate offers as a whole. We should all try to reach that peak, pitch in and feel obligated to show our appreciation in some way.

Give a helping hand. Give some expertise back into the community. That way we can ensure that Wealthy Affiliate will broaden, advance and prosper for years to come.

It don't suggest drop you hat and start following this concept right now. But, it would be advantageous to keep this in mind for when you are ready.

WA is likely the place that has opened your eyes to a new way of thinking and shown you what you could accomplish.

I followed a few embassadors of the company recently, after reading a few inspirational blog posts etc.

I can see that it's not all about themselves. If you can always put the next person before youself like they do, than there will be a high probability you will slowly find your place into this business and become successful.

Take Kyle, Carson and the duo's entorage for example. They have paved the way for us. Maybe we should try and replicate this process in our own unique way.

Just a though I felt the need to get off of my mind.

Patience is the key...

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Marchelle1 Premium
Just keep on going even when motivation seems hard to come by. Thank you for sharing your story.
Cass51 Premium
Hi there Benjamin it sounds like along with some soul searching you have been inspired by others here in the community. You could very well be one of these very people in the near future. We'll done for sharing from your heart. Cheers Cass
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Benjamin and yes, patience sure is on of the keys and consistent effort and focusing on your WHY and letting it be your motivator
All the very best as you grow and build your amazing online business
btclark34 Premium

These are some great insights. Thank you for sharing them. I too have found that patience is the key. I am also finding the benefits in trying to help others as well. We just need to hang in there through thick and thin. You came up with a great list of things you need to do to be successful. My advice to you -- Just Do It!