My Last 12 Months & 9 Months of No Articles

Last Update: Oct 9, 2021

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I've been working on several websites for the last 3 years. I have had some ups and downs but I want to tell you about a few things I have learned.

First off, I made a mistake and built several websites, at the same time, which made life much more busy and distracted me from a singular focus.

Second, I chose some niches that were interesting to me but not to enough other people. Since my first year I have learned to research better after watching Kyle and Jay, so lessened learned. We all need to really listen to others with more experience.

Last year I finally convinced my buddy to start an outdoor hunting and fishing website with me as he is fanatical hunter and always has to get that trophy buck or trophy fish. This is a niche that has a lot of interest and other fanatical people who will do most anything to get that big trophy.

We started off great in September 2020 and published around 65 articles, plus the same amount of videos, and the interest seemed to be exactly what we thought it would be, but then life hit, in a horrible way. Besides my wife and I buying a new home in Colorado and becoming busy day after day with home projects, Mike lost his wife to cancer and then in the spring of 2021 he lost his son in a head on collision by a drunk driver. To say the least, we stopped work on our website and YouTube channel for 9 months.

As you can expect, Mike had incredible depression spells, among other things, but one of the things that helped him pull through (even though he is still dealing with their loss) was getting out in the mountains to enjoy nature.

We finally got back out to the Taylor River near Crested Butte, Colorado in September 2021 and were reminded of some good things in life and how we still want to share our outdoor experiences with others, so we took a lot of video, enjoyed our time with the aspens turning yellow, against the pine trees and Rocky Mountains and were rejuvenated to get back to building our website.

Interestingly enough, the time we took off didn't have any negative impact on our traffic, and we were shocked to see our subscribers grow by over 130, our views on several article go over 20,000, with a lot of great comments, plus the graph has an exponential growth to it that seems to indicate some really positive things for the future of this website.

There's no way to tell yet if this trend is going to continue it's climb or drop off, however, at this point, the data is extremely encouraging. I have showed our analytics to several people with websites and they have been very impressed and think we have a lot of potential.

The point I really want to make here is that this journey of building an online business is one for the long haul, with many ups and downs. This is not a get rich scheme. We all need a lot of focus and determination, with a goal and vision for the future that will help us look past some tough things that life throws at us.

I hope this helps some of you to stay focused, be disciplined, keep training but to also not give up when you get sucker punched.

Your Friend,


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Thanks for sharing you can see the growth in your career from the start to finish of this post it's so motivational and refreshing to know I am not the only one going through the ups and downs in and outside of starting a business online. But I am new to WA and hopefully I can get a better understanding and get rid of trial and error

That's awesome. Keep training and stay with this for the long haul. It's worth it.


I can dig it, appreciate that

Thanks, Rick, for sharing your story. Your point is well taken. This is for the long haul. I have a little traffic now but I'm sure it will grow as I add more posts. I will bookmark this so that during times "woe is me" and can look it up and keep going.

All the best to you.

A fellow Coloradan

Thank you Warren.


Hello Rick,
Sorry to hear about your friend and his loses. You never know what life will throw you. I hope you two keep up your website. Sounds like you can make a go of it.
There is no place more beautiful than Colorado in early fall. I lived in Colorado for awhile in the Durango, --Colorado Springs area.
You have some good signs- keep on and you will see some good things happening.

Thank you. I love building the website and getting outdoors. Looking forward to more success.


Hi Rick
Thank you for your post. I am sorry about your friend and getting out and about in the great outdoors is wonderful therapy.
I feel that nothing is working for me at the moment and I feel that I have been struggling to get things moving. I have too much going on and I get so overwhelmed sometimes it makes me even more anxious. The hours seem to disappear and I haven't achieved anything.
I have had a fair share of personal issues to contend with, my boyfriend is an alcoholic and nearly died and was in the hospital for over 3 months. The emotional drain this has had on me has been horrendous and is ongoing.
I feel I am getting behind with everything and just feel like giving up. I won't because I want to achieve so much and be successful. I have the drive and tenacity but I am frustrated.
I am glad to hear that you are making progress and I am so glad you shared your struggles. I feel less alone so thank you.

Hey Sam, Sometimes the issues can be the niche you pick, other times it's a matter of putting the effort in and allowing time for it to grow and get some traction. I built two websites that really did not have as much interest as I had hoped for but that was my mistake for not researching my niche well enough.

Stick with it, keep training and ask a lot of questions here at WA. This is a business and it just takes time for most of us.


Thank you Rick. Onwards and Upwards. Sam

Good morning Rick,

Thank you for your excellent blog post, I believe it will be encouraging to many.

I am very sorry to hear about your friend's loss, it really is an absolutely terrible tragedy. I'm sure that you have been a good help to your friend, I can't think of a much worse situation.

On a brighter note, it's great to see that things are really happening with your website, despite the nine-month break. I really think that video would work very well with your type of website. People like to see live action. I believe that your website has great potential.

Wishing you all the best.


Thank you Roy for the comment and encouragement.


Good morning Rick,

I look forward to seeing you move your website forward again, it has great potential!


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