Have you Ever Hit the Wall?

Last Update: May 04, 2018

Have you been going so hard and fast for so long that you hit that wall?

And you slept for three days straight?

And then you realized your body was telling you it needed a break?

And then you realized that it was ok and the future would still look as grand after you woke up and could see past the wall again?

Sometimes walls are in the right place at the right time.

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MSnargrass Premium
Portion control my friend; will help you avoid burnout. There is never enough time in a day to do everything, so try not to stretch yourself to thin. Get rest and come back stronger.
All the best,
MKearns Premium
Actually a waking occurrence!
Steven-A Premium
YES and it hurts.... ouch
sharon22 Premium
Yes. Sometimes things happen for a reason.
And it definitely makes us stronger.
Never give up. All the BEST to you!
Melissa901 Premium
Yes I have hit this wall numerous times lol.