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Last Update: April 29, 2018

I wanted to update you on where my head is right now.

You know that I have been pushing through the training hard and creating a lot of content for my website and about 10 days ago I started my first PPC campaigns after being here at WA for only 4 months.

I wrote a blog last night about having to step back to clear my head and look at the bigger picture. So, here's what I see.........

I see a bigger picture now.

I have reduced my maximum daily cost on the ads to make sure I can let them keep running on their own for a month or two while I refocus back on my content.

During this last week of creating ads and then modifying them, I only created one article for my website.

That in itself is not bad for any particular week, especially since I have been learning so much; but I am still too inexperienced here at WA and need to keep my head into my website and content.

So, I asked for and received multiple website comments through Site Rubix and have taken some time this evening to make several changes. I have corrected menus, fixed some photos and played around with my homepage photo and logo.

I am now preparing for my next article and planning on how I am going to approach the research for my more in depth article(s).

The training here at WA is incredible but sometimes we need to take a break from the training and make sure we don't neglect the content for our websites.

That's where I'm right now and how I see things today.

It makes me want to wake up again tomorrow and keep moving forward. Especially if I could wake up to this scenery.


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PeterJBarban Premium
Thanks for being so open. You are several months ahead of me, so following you shows me what is in store for me (if I work as hard as you).
GailLowe Premium
This sounds like a good plan. You are doing so well and it will all come good in the end I'm sure. For what it's worth, I'm doing the same. :)
davehayes Premium
What a wise plan of action that is. Taking time out even if its for a walk to get away from the PC helps you see things so much more clearly.

There is no way you can fail with that type of plan
buffetearns Premium
Good luck Rick!

Nadja3 Premium
Thank you for sharing your experience.