Wealthy Affiliate Ended My Career in Aviation!

Last Update: January 21, 2018

I haven't blogged for a long time so this will be a long blog.

I have been working as a Certified Wide Body Aircraft Mechanic for a straight 28 years. It was my childhood dream and I love the job.

I made a small fortune on the job I had because I work in a tax free country in Saudi Arabia and the pay is great. I worked for Saudi Arabian Airlines for 24 years and the benefits are great like free tickets for the whole family, car allowance and free housing.

Although I was set, I was dying to go home to my lovely hometown in Liloan, Cebu, Philippines. So I saved and invested my income in acquiring properties and eventually a couple of businesses.

The First Stage of Retirement Planning

Then I build a pharmacy and general merchandise store for my wife ( she's a Pharmacist). When it started making money, I thought maybe that was the retirement time that I needed.

I hold back, and thought, not yet.

Turning Liabilities into Assets.

I have a big house on a large piece of land and friends kept telling me " Don't you know that a big house is a big liability?" I just smiled.

Then I bought the adjoining land behind my property, and my friends went wild and said like " You gonna live like a king?" I told them "Well if am that rich, then why not?"

To myself, I said, "If I am rich enough, I will keep this property all by myself, but I was born poor and raised poor, so I said to myself I would turn this into an asset."

So I built the second fence around my house and developed the outer area into an Event Venue.

It was a Failure.

I made a mistake of giving the sole promotion to a single caterer. Months passed and no bookings.

Online Venture!

I was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate by Vince, and I was so thankful that he did. I saw the value of this community, and I progressed even though I was working 60 hours per week.

Wealthy Affiliate Saved My Business.

I did local promotion using what I learned from the WA community, and it did boost the rentals. It works!

Wealthy Affiliate Made Me Quit That Day Job.

After I saw the results that my online venture helped my brick and mortar business, and my websites are getting good results, I decided that this is the time to quit my job.

Time to Scale Up!

I am already getting good results, and without my job, I can focus more on my businesses. I will be gravitating towards full online because I love doing it and it has endless potential.

To the Newbies.

Remember, online business is the only business that you can start without a lot of money as capital. It took me more than 20 years to have offline businesses up and running.

I don't think I need that long to have the same results with my online business. I am not yet done with my second year in Wealthy Affiliate but I am seeing good results.

This platform is the real deal. If Kyle would offer me a longer subscription than yearly or even lifetime, for sure, I will grab it.

WAer's Lets Meet Up!

Anybody from Cebu area, let's meet up in my place. Drinks and entertainment on the house! I will be settled in by the first week of March!

To all our success,


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MiaL Premium
Thanks for sharing your story!
Belden Premium
phoeby123 Premium
I like your idea about a life-time WA membership! :)
Belden Premium
Thank you:)
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for the motivation Sir.... Lets rock.... Wishing you all success...
Belden Premium
Welcome and lets rock! All the best:)
a1jonuk Premium
Thank you for posting this Beldon, it proves consistency and determination do pay off, nothing will happen overnight as so many budding online entrepreneurs are led to believe and then give up and call it a scam when they don't.
WA is the right platform and for all those that stick with it and work it they will see dividends.
Belden Premium
Yes, WA is the real deal. All the best:)
Sorayacge Premium
It's lovely to read your inspiring story. Look forward to hearing the next instalment!
If I lived in Cebu, I'd definitely go for your invitation - sounds like great fun!! :)
Belden Premium
It would be fun to meet up with Wealthy Affiliate members. Thank you:)