It's so hard to say bye for now.

Last Update: August 12, 2015

hi everyone. i joined WA on 08.07.2015, a little longer than one month ago. from the very beginning it was so exciting and felt so right to be a part of this amazing community. but unfortunately i should say goodbye to all of you for a while and i hope to come back earliest possible.

my father has liver cancer and is going through chemotherapy phase. i believe i should go back home to be with my dad and help my mom taking care of him in this very difficult time. one thing is for sure. i won't have the time and/or the concentration needed to focus on my online business during that time. and since i don't know how much it takes till i can go back to normal in this regard, i have decided to give a break for now and come back here when my dad is feeling better and mu mom doesn't need my help anymore.

i would like to thank everybody for the amazing support and friendship and am sure i will find exactly the same thing when i am back. i wish all of you lots of luck in your businesses and also in your personal lives.

take care of yourselves and wait for me to come back.

best regards to you all,


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batacharly Premium
sad news..., may he get well soon
Behnaz Premium
thanks a lot for your good wishes batacharly. i really appreciate it. take care, behnaz.
DaveSw Premium
Hi Behnaz, All the best for you in these hard times...Sorry to hear of your Father's health issues...Take care of what you have to, and come back when you are able, there will be open arms from all when you do get back! Regards Dave
Behnaz Premium
thank you very much david for your kind words. i am sure he will be ok very soon and i will be back in no time. in the meantime, i will be thinking of all my new friends in here and will be looking forward to continuing this beautiful journey with you all. best regards, behnaz
floks19 Premium
So sorry to hear that.. I really hope he'll get better. I wish you all the best
Behnaz Premium
many thanks for your support and good wishes. i also wish you all the best. take care, behnaz.