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Every person that I know has many interests that they can write about. I bet that you are no exception. I certainly am not. Which ones will be interesting to other people and which will be easy to write about on a consistent basis? Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I already had a niche blog about my experiences with working online that I wanted to share with others. When I joined WA, the training suggested that I purchase my own domains. There was a domain sale that allowed me to buy domain
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Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, a friend introduced me to pinterest. I really enjoy the site. I found that my blogs were receiving a lot of traffic from my own pins and the pins of others. Then, I joined Street Articles and Wealthy Affiliate, and started more blogs. It seemed like using Pinterest was a wonderful way to get traffic because the people who repin or like what I've written will naturally pin my pins. Then their friends would, so would their friends, etc. About a week afte
The day after I installed adsense to my blog, I get a lovely form-message saying that I can no longer use it on my blog. My blog is fairly new, so I added some posts that were based purely on personal experience relevant to my niche- all G rated and not plagiarized. My analytics suggest no suspicious activity or unnatural clicking. The only way I can think their problem could be was that the formatting on a lot of my posts got messed up- the editor wouldn't let me make natural paragraphs w