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I've been scrimping and saving so I could buy service for autoresponder and new domain for a blog I wanted to create about essential oils, a topic I am passionate about. While I was saving up, I created a subdomain for main site, Home Schooling In the Burbs. Homeschooling In the Burbs was already long, but adding SpringsGardner Essential Oils in front of it was S U P E R long. Yesterday, was the big day. I purchased the domain I wanted as well as a theme that allowed me to have landing pages a
November 27, 2013
I decided to start taking advice that I read on WA a couple years ago- have Giveaways, they drive traffic to your site. My traffic is increasing pretty rapidly because they have to "LIKE" my fb page and "SHARE" the picture in order to be entered. I always make step 3 add a comment. Sometimes I am specific, other times, I let the tell me anything that they want to. This makes it easier to tag people and let them know they won. So far, my winners have been in the United States, UK, and Philippi
November 20, 2013
I found out about GIMP, a GNU Image Manipulation Program, to create colorful graphics to use on my blog and facebook. It's free and it takes a while to use. I recommend creating graphics using layers for each addition to the graphic that you use so that it can be changed to make similar graphics without creating a new graphic or edit it because you don't like where place various parts of the graphic. . I also get ideas by looking at My graphics are driving more customers t
October 07, 2013
I made a facebook fan page a while ago and offered some contents for free products- not e-books, but tangible products, but didn't get much traffic. Then, I found out that I can add tabs to my fan page that includes iframes for my webpage. Then, I paid for a few facebook ads. I'm starting to see the traffic, in the thousands instead of a hundred or two, on regular posts as well as my contests. I started adding hash tags to my posts and pictures. I plan to open an instagram account in the ne
A while back, I created a subdomain on WA and the format was like this: (example: where flightsimulatorreview is the subdomain for randomlycreativecorner)Today, I created a subdomain and the format was ( where doterraessentialoils is the subdomain)Does anyone know which format will have more visibility on search engines, bring more visitors
Hi Everyone! My sister has made a video about her adventures with Epilepsy. She has a goal to increase awareness by making a YouTube video.Then, she found out about the National Epilepsy's video contest and decided to enter. She needs to get as many YouTube Likes as possible. Please help her by liking this video! Thanks! you for all the comments this blog entry has received so far! Artists always appreciate them.
November 10, 2012
Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've actively done anything on WA. I'm still blogging on my blogs, though less actively. There's been some additional needs at my house that needed tending to.In the mean time, I'm working on a fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy victims. The proceeds of the fundraiser will go to the American Red Cross. Pampered Chef will match whatever is made from this fundraiser. So I am trying to get the word out there.Here's the website I created today
July 02, 2012
I recently started using link cloaking on my sites to prevent link hijacking and stripping. I was about to sign on with a new advertiser. I am glad I thoroughly read their terms of service, which prohibits link cloaking and masking. I can still use their service as long as I use the links provided by their company and keep them transparent.What is Link Cloaking? Instead of having your affiliate link looking like this:
Hello everyone!Thanks for dropping by! I have spent the weekend working on my blog and trying to follow the recommendations of my WA followers. I would love to know if the changes I made have helped or hindered the appearance and usability of my site. This is what I did (and hope it will achieve): Disabled many of my plugins (load the site faster) Got rid of the floating Social Button (make my site less annoying) Increased the size of my font (12 px to 14 px) and changed it from Times New
June 14, 2012
I spent an hour or two perusing the web looking for related blogs and other sites so that I could make comments and see what my competition is up to. Instead, I was taking notes about site set up. What makes a site more appealing and user friendly? One of the advantages of looking at blogs within my own niche is that I have discovered that my site isn't as user friendly as I hoped. So, tonight, I made more pages that make it easier for people to find more of my posts.For instance, my blog is