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July 04, 2017
Happy Independence Day to everyone in the United States!When I checked my WA account today, this popped up on my screenWhile rank at WA doesn't define my business, it does represent my recent dedication to logging in, working on my websites, and/or completing training each day. This is something I've neglected for a few years. I'm excited that I am consistently doing something to reach my goals each week day.As the saying goes, "Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term resul
July 02, 2017
I logged on to Twitter today and discovered that more people are following me on Twitter than I'm following today. It's not by much, but I figure it's great that I'm attracting people who aren't just following me because I'm following them.
There are so many things that people fear: public speaking, going to the dentist, heights, snakes, bugs and spiders, small spaces, mice/rats, dogs/cats, and thunder/lightning, to name a few.What is one thing they all have in common? Fear that something terrible or unwanted might happen in the future: making a fool out of one's self, getting hurt, getting sick, losing all earthly possessions, death, etc.One time, I was watching a sci-fi movie with my older kids called After Earth (2013) starrin
June 28, 2017
Yesterday, I wrote that I earned some commissions off of the sale of 7 products. The problem I discovered after I learned about my success was that I didn't know which link they clicked so I could replicate my success.So, this afternoon and evening, I learned how to set up and use tracking IDs with Amazon. I had already, without knowing that I did it, created some tracking links. Now, I can use them to create a better picture of where my success lies based on placement of links and which kinds
You may have noticed that I haven't been as active over the last few days. Don't worry, I have plans to stay involved here at WA. I've been volunteering with Cub Scout Day Camp. It's been a great experience so far.Tonight, I decided to research one of the products I like to promote to see if there were any sales (discounts) available.The first thing I saw was that 1 of my links (PA-API) was clicked and 7 purchases were made through. It's been a few weeks since anything sold with this particular
I decided to check my site health today. Most of my sites could use some work, but one of them is doing spectacularly. I am grateful that we have a metric for checking how Google might see our site and how well it's doing.Thank you to all who have left comments and feedback for my site using site comments and Website Feedback here on WA. I still have some things I need to clean up, but the hard work is paying off!
I know that researching for the articles we write can take a long time and there are times when we just want to be done. I find that for me, it can be so easy to take information at face value rather than looking for a different point of view.Today, I read an article that suggested that what we learn for eating healthy from the American Heart Association is apparently propaganda and that the British Medical Journal has evidence that the AMA's recommendations aren't healthy. If what the article
I have written hundreds of posts for my sites. Until today, I never thought about how many words were in each post.I usually write my posts directly in WordPress using my theme's templates so I can drag and drop the segments in a way that makes more sense. Today, I used SiteContent/Editor provided by WA to see what the process was like. It features a spell-checker, grammar checker, and tests my content for uniqueness. Pretty awesome.Even though I don't usually look at another person's blog post
I've written several posts on my websites, but I didn't know until today, that I could test them to see if they are mobile friendly and submit to Google to be indexed. Without making any extra effort, I passed with Flying Colors.I would like to thank LindaF here on WA for recommending that I check out this training: What Is Mobile-Friendly Content so that I could learn the value of the test and submitting my posts.One of the other benefits is that you can find out if anything on your post/page
A lot of people are motivated to earn more so they can vacation more. That would be great. We haven't experienced very many vacations.Vacations are great, but what is motivating me right now is a strong desire for a full fridge. My husband gets paid today. Every single cent is going somewhere even before I buy food, replace clothing items (shoes, socks, etc), or fuel for the cars. This is ridiculous.A few years ago, his paycheck covered everything we need and lasted til his next paycheck. The h