Update 31 Jan 2016

Last Update: January 30, 2016

Quick update on how things are going.

In my previous update I spoke of my lead generation efforts and how I was going to approach my next business.

Anyway, I had previously mentioned that I was about to have a meeting with a large company regarding my SEM services.

Well I had this meeting Friday gone. Typical laid back kiwi style I held the meeting in a local pub. Had a pint of good old pale ale on the ready waiting for my client to arrive.

Meet and greet done, after a few pleasantries we sat down and I began my slide show presentation detailing the benefits of what I am offering.

15 minutes in closed the deal.

2k upfront and 1k monthly payments. And this is just the beginning. Client sells items that are worth 10k and is willing to pay 2k per month to make just one sale. This pleases me and as I generate more sales for him I will adjust my pricing structure.

Client gave me some powerful feedback on how I conducted myself and the quality of my presentation. Very pleased with this information!

To make it even better, client actually has another business that he wants to market. This is an entirely different contract which means another set of upfront costs + monthly payments.

But wait there's more....

Having been in the management and sales industry before I know the power of referrals. So I pressed on this. Client gave me 4 red hot referrals. Consider these referrals as closed sales.

Services to be offered will be a combination of lead generation, website design and building. Social branding packages. Search engine marketing consulting. Social media management. Video production, syndication and ranking.

My vision moving forwards

I have set goals moving forwards for this particular vertical.

  • Earn 100k per year from this vertical within the next 18 months
  • Expand to another related sub niche and build another 100k vertical
  • Hire a VA to run my menial business tasks
  • Hire a team of writers for my content production
  • Automate as much as I can

They say closing the first sale is the hardest. I would agree. There is nothing more nerve wrecking than putting yourself out there and demanding your perceived worth.

You have to have a strong belief in your product / service.

Now that I am over the first sale challenge I am going to rinse and repeat to scale up.

Very exciting year ahead!

Eventually i will get back to affiliate marketing lol. But to be honest, AM will only be a small fraction of what I do for business online.

To anyone out there who is struggling to make sh*t real and happen.... in the words of Rob Schnieder - Happy Gilmore.


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BeauAndNik Premium
Thank you for the kind words everyone!

Another update.... I closed another sale today... and got one more referral.
gappleby Premium
Woo-Hoo! I know who's buying lunch! :-)
Ralpharm Premium
Must practice the Pale Ale Kiwi Close.
gappleby Premium
Congrats are definitely in order! Not only does consistent action pay off, so does seeing the big picture, as you did with referrals.

Awesome sauce!

CathyS Premium
Pure joy! Congratulations to you!
salbene Premium
wow thats awesome! I am happy that you are curshing it right now.