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I work full time at a company that does software for car dealerships, VinSolutions. I am the travel coordinator for them and do all the scheduling and travel arrangements for our training team. On the side, I make wire-wrapped jewelry and sell it through my website and various art and craft shows throughout the year.

I began making standard home jewelry my senior year in high school and gradually got better through college. Unfortunately, I was unable to fully pursue the field until after I graduated. For the last two years, I have been improving my technique, style, and design by reading every online tutorial I can get my hands on and just experimenting with the wire. I am fully self-taught and still have much to learn but eventually, I hope my work reaches the standards I have come to love in the work of artists who are a constant inspiration to me. My goal for the future is to master wire-working techniques and expand in PMC Metal Clay, soldering techniques, and casting.
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Shawn Martin Premium
Hi and thanks for the follow!
Malcs Premium
Hello Bbromwell

I hope your WA experience here has been good thus far..?

BBrownell Premium
Hi Malcs. It has so far. I'm liking it. There's definitely a ton of information and I haven't even made a dent yet. How are you liking it so far?
Helle Premium
Thanks for your feedback on my website BBrownell! Good luck to you !! :)
BBrownell Premium
Hey Deezdz. Thanks for the welcome. I was reading the automated email from Carson and Kyle and was getting ready to type a Hi All in the message thingy.
Deezdz Premium
Hi BBrownell. Welcome to WA. I'm sure everything you learn here will be a great resource to expand you wire-wrapped jewellery website. All the best!