How to obtain a transfer code from namecheap?

How to obtain a transfer code from namecheap?

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I can't find a turtorial on WA which is updated for 2017-2018 domain transfer from Namecheap. Please help!

I'm so glad my Name Cheap days are over and I've gone through this process! Great training!

Here is my road, how I did this

Hey Bernie,

These two trainings combined should help.

The first is about getting the transfer info from Namecheap:

This second tutorial is about transferring the domain name to WA SiteRubix: You can disregard the first part of this second tutorial because it is relevant to Godaddy, but the two trainings combined should help.

If you get completely stuck with it, you can always ask site support and they can give you further guidance.



I followed this when I transferred my domain from Namecheap last month :-)

Am curious what happened to.?

Am curious what happened to.?

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I made numerous comments/answers to posts or questions by different members recently but have not yet received any comments back from anyone. Did my comments get lost somewher

Hi Bernie, Some of those space comments are floating around and may come back::)) Best wishes, I find the more we follow the more we get followed and the more comments can come are way.
Happy Trails.........Marty

It's really difficult to manage the time to respond to every post. With 1000 or more followers, your mail box is overflowing daily. I realy don't know how to keep up with it myself as besides visiting WA daily, there are a ton of other activities that need to be attended to as we effectively try to market our websites. Ihave written what i thought were killer articles/posts/blogs and gotten 2-3 responses and thought what? I could be the time of day and or week also.
I agree with BarbJe and many of the others. Just keep it moving.
Be Blessed as You Continue to Seek Ways to Bless others,
JD Loveland

Thanks! I got it! Bernie

try not to take it personally. Just keep up with what you're doing :)

I didn't. Just wanted to know if it might have been a glitch. Thank you!


A lot of people "forget" to hit the like beneath the comments and then it looks like your comment disappears in space.

Thank you, Loes!! I got it!! Bernie

I always hit "like" to let the person know that I've read their comment/response. Kind of a courtesy thing I (and others) have. Perhaps the writer didn't even read your response. It happens. No worries. :-) Happy Monday. ~Debbi

Thanks, Debbi! I just want to all the right things and all the things right!:))

There are two ways you can receive a comment, by someone like me answering you,. and the second is someone to like your comment. In this case I have done both.

Many thanks! Appreciate your response!! Bernie

I agree with Gary and Chris- may be you just leave your comments in the form that doesn't require a response? I don't think it could be a systematic disrespect to you from WA members in bulk. I wish you to start seeing changes soon.

Thanks, Kirill. Got it!!

You're welcome, Bernie.

I usually try to answer questions that are asked in the comments, questions like Chris just asked.
I do not however, reply to every comment made towards myself and I certainly hope that nobody takes this as disrespect, but somebody has to have the last word or we would never get off of here.
I hope this helps you a little ?


Thank you, Gary. I provided answers to questions asked. Oh well, it's OK. Am just curious ...

Amen (means I agree)

What comments are you waiting for? Do you mean you have left comments on people sites through the WA platform? or just answering questions in general?

Have you asked for comments or asked a question of your own in which you are waiting for response/answers?

Let me know!



Hi Chris, Wow, that was quick! To answer your question...
I commented and or answered questions on their sites through the WA platform. When members either published a blog or post, I do my best to comment or answer their questions.
With my own questions, I do get some responses.
Thank you, Chris! Maybe you can sort this "puzzle" out!! Bernie

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Is there a page within wa where?

Is there a page within wa where?

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Getting Started

I can I find a page or 2 that posts WA's links to, say, buying a domain name, ambassadors who specialize in various areas.... for Grammar school to Post Graduate learning?


Just type a keyword into the box at the top of this page (Need help? Ask your question here...) and you'll find lots of stuff has been written which will help. It would be a full time job trying to keep everything on one page so the question box is there to make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

Where can I buy my domain name?

Where can I buy my domain name?

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Getting Started

Being a premium member, I understand I can now buy my domain name directly with WA.
Where is that link?
My domain name is available, already checked. It's not a "how t

I bought one of my domain name from and the other from from Namecheap.

Honestly, I have purchased domains at both GoDaddy and cheapname because of their prices. They were great prices but the customer service was in short supply. Any question or problem I've had here has been immediately resolved or addressed. I bought my domain here and all of the others I will buy here also because of the customer service. The low cost doesn't mean anything if you can't get help when you need it. Just my two cents worth.

Thanks, RaeAnne.... for your input. I bought my domain last evening through WA and be done with it! I did have business experience with Go Daddy.... Not thrilled with their "added charges" at the end of the day!! :)) Again, thank you!

You're welcome Bernie. I'm glad I could contribute.... I truly think it's best to go with WA all the way. You could save a penny here or there, but in the end, saving here and there could cost you more. Not good.

~ Rae Anne

You can either do it here at WA or another place. Some have gone to GoDaddy, while others go to cheapname. Being new etc to this kind of thing, I just got mine here .

Thank you! I just registered mine with WA! Bernie


I have bought domain names from Namecheap and Godaddy.. But recently bought from WA. If the domain name you want is available.. It will show that status on all domain sites.

Thank you11 Just did mine last night with WA!! Bernnie

You can in WA domain , nameCheap, go daddy.

Thank you! Happy Sunday to you!! WA seems to be the avenue to go with since the charge is reasonable which covers a number of features others do not.


Hi Pio, I thought I responded to your message. It just disappeared! Anyway, thank you for your suggestions. I am going with WA since the charge is reasonable and a few added features are included. Thank you!! Happy Sunday!! Bernie

Yep! I got it, just given you some option though. :)

Yes .. as arjuntu gave you .. click his link .. type in your domain name and add it to your cart... from there you can go through the options of your order and pay for it!


Thank you, thank you!! Happy Sunday to you!!

How are you, Chris? Bernie

Here is the link

Thank you!!

thanks that helped alot.

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Please tell me about pinterest?

Please tell me about pinterest?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Is it a media platform only or can products be sold from "pins"? I noticed that there almost always is a website link to a lot of pins. There are also blogs or posts as well.

Hi Bernie, Pinterest is largely a visual medium, it uses boards and Pins that are indexed by the external search engines, but Pinterest also indexes your content for internal search. Your pins are categorized according to the descriptions. If you expect to be successful on Pinterest, you need to take the time to write the best possible descriptions for your pins. However, you do need to make an impression with your text in a whole sea of images. Find the best spot between too long and too short a text for your pin descriptions to be most effective.......

Erica has done a very good and informative tutorial. Go check it here: Hope this helps.

Thank you, Violet.... Will check it out in the morning.... it's getting late for me! :)

It's easy to join, but like you I don't quite get the point of it. I just started using it because they had great pictures of Scenic Designs (for theatre) I liked. Now I have a few other pins with links, but as far as getting more traffic from it I have no idea.

Thought I sent you a response but now I can't find it! Did you get a reply from me earlier? Bernie

I didn't see it.

Hi Michael, Sorry you didn't get the last message I wrote.... It was sorta lengthy too.... Anyway, I can't honestly remember exactly what I wrote.... Just the idea of not totally understanding the purpose or objective of the platform. You were correct though, the pics are quite beautiful and I actually read a few of the article. However, how does one MONETIZE from it? :)

Would you care to meet up next week and have a "What do I do now?" session? If you do, I'd like to find a place the tables are less jammed together.... Have any suggestions? Anything on Nimann is overpriced, in my opinion!


Sure I could do that. Pick a place and I'll meet you there. I have to confess though, I've been in a slump since the last time we met.

Why confess? We all go thru that! At this particular moment, I am so very overwhelmed with "Everything" that I just want to go away for a while..... but that would defeat the purpose, wouldn't it?

OK, let me give it some thought as to where we can meet without everybody listening to our conversation!!??


Sounds good.

Good question. It's pinteresting, but kinda strange. Geoff. The friendly fisherman. :)

I have no idea, be it good, bad or indifferent...... The photos are great! Thank you, nevertheless!! Bernie

Hi, anyone can join now I'm not sure if it started as an invite only site many smaller social media sites often do.

People use Pinterest in different ways but it is an image social media site so the only things that can be pinned are pictures. Most people in marketing write articles with images and then pin them to various collections with links to their website as a way to drive traffic.

It's a nice way to network without the hassle of having to interact very much, it's quick and easy to build up collections and is a handy way to gather information and possible future images for your articles/ blog posts.

Like any social media site it depends whether it works for you as to how useful it will be.

Thank you for your help.... I need to look at it closely and just go through it. I did like some of the articles. Bernie

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