This is what I feel Like Right Now

Last Update: March 11, 2022

This is what it look like to recover from years of systimatic mental and emotional abuse

I have lost almost all my hearing as I have swollen nerves and blood vesels in my ears due to the stress of recovering from PTSD

I also have screaming ringing sound in my left ear

I have anxiety running throughout my body and its hard to breath

Today this is what it like to be me


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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
You are stil on my prayer list, Barry! I have no idea what it must feel like, my friend, except for what you have shared, but you are a brave individual to be open about it, and talking about it can be a big help, especially since this also lets you know that oyu have the support of friends here from all over the world.

Jeff 😔🙏
anusuya1 Premium
Eat Omega-3-fatty acid and having Vitamin-D supplements may really help you.

Get 3 times a week 50g of salmon and check you Vitamin-D level.
If you are deficient, get some supplements.

Regardless of your condition Omega-3 fatty acid seems to work.

I am not a doctor, so ask your physician. Don't take my words for it.
I know a person having huge anxiety feels better with food.
I hope you feel better and just try to engage with WA. You have a lot of knowledge to contribute.
May God help you.
JeannineC Premium
Sorry you are going through all this. Do you have anyone you can speak with? Any resources online? You've got to find someone to guide you through this so you can enjoy life again. Prayers for you, my friend!
bazboy247 Premium Plus
Yes I have a sponsor in AA
tdbabineaux Premium Plus
I've suffered from mental issues my entire life, so I can relate. You are not alone in your struggles!

You have all my encouragement. Hang in there.

Bootcamp20 Premium
WOW, I really have know idea of what it is like to go through what you are experiencing, Barry. In any case reaching out to the family here is a very good move for support. The thoughts you share gives you "Glow" , Peace And Blessings Barry.