The Truth About Competition In Affiliate Marketing

Last Update: March 09, 2022

Is the fear of competition in affiliate marking holding you back from achieving the results you desire

I am going to give you a different but highly effective way at looking at your competition that almost no one ever explains to you, giving you the process go forward with ever greater confidence.

The traditional way to evaluate the competition only generates fear and drives down your confidence in getting the results you want.

"How am I going to success if so many people are already doing this" is the usual cry from most people who are new to affiliate marketing. Most people believe that certain niches are saturated like the MMO niche or the personal development niche

Have you ever heard the expression that : Numbers do not lie.

Actually numbers always lie all the time when you're analyzing your competition. Pollititions and many others use statistics to lie to us every day

How To Anywise The Competition In Your Niche

First Let's take a look at this analogy

How many people in the world are capable of running 100m ?

The answer is that almost everybody who has use of their legs can run 100 m that means that almost 8 billion people are capable of running this distance

So if your going to take up sprinting you would be competing with billions of people, you could say that this sport is saturated

Now Let's ask a different question

How many people can run 100m in less than 15 Seconds

Only about 0.0001 percent of people are capable of doing this, so the real competition is only a tiny fraction of this.

Second Analogy

20 cars are going to compete in a race two of them are formula 1 racing cars the other 18 are family saloons

So is the competition 19 other cars or is it just 1 car

The competition in this race is only one other car because a family salon is never going to beat a formula 1 racing car

Your not in competition with the family saloon car you are only in competition with 1 other racing car

The easy way to understand the completion in your niche

How many people are there who have an affiliate marketing business

Answer = millions of people are trying to succeed at affiliate marketing

Question - How many people succeed in affiliate marketing =3%

So your real competition is about 3% of millions


Why do only 3% of people achieve success in affiliate marketing.

Answer - Because most people are really bad at it

How to analyze your niche

Go to Google and type in your main keyword and see what results come up you will more than likely see hundreds of website in your niche and think that there is very little chance of you getting past all these other people

Now only take a look at the top ten results. as these people are you only real competition they are the formula 1 cars and the Usain bolts of affiliate marking in your niche

Open up all their sites and take a look at the following

  1. What does there site look and feel like
  2. What are they promoting
  3. Is their site giving you a good end user experience
  4. What sort of content are they writing about
  5. Join their email list and see what they are promoting

Take note of the headline in their e-mails and take a copy of them as they must know what their dong to get their emails open

Forget about your competition and get to know your audience

Getting The Edge BY Researching your Audiance

Go to U Tube and type in your keywords and look for the most viewed videos this will indicate to you what the audience is most interested in and what there pain points are

Go to Amazon type in your keywords and see what books your audience reads

Go to UDEMY and type in your keywords, look for courses that are selling in your nich you can use this info to build a high converting lead magnet. As if people are prepared to pay for a solution you will know that your lead magnet will be desirable

Utilze the power of the internet, everything you need to know is aleady there and its free but most people never do this.

Get to know your audiance and you will be miles ahead of your compertitionno mater what the niche

Regards Barry

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CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
A very, very engaging and insightful share, Barry.
Thank you!

This is a precursor to further narrowing down your niche.
Many of us stay too broad with our niche and do not take the time to drill down enough.

I like this and have tagged it for further reference.

Zoopie Premium
Very well said. Competition is good. When most physical stores are opened they open close to others in the same niche.
Often you will see a few beauticians in the same locality, why. There are already customers walking around in your local and niche, easier to get some to come into your store..
And the reverse product search is a great idea.
muslimah Premium
An excellent analogy here, Barry.
Checking out keywords on Amazon and Udemy is a great idea.
Thank you.
FKelso Premium Plus
Great ideas!

For many years, I had a brick and mortar business, selling jewelry. I welcomed competition, because I felt that if there were multiple places people could go, they might find they like what I offered the best.

It is very important to be aware of what your competition offers, so you can try to be original and fresh. You don't know what you are up against unless you check it out.
tdbabineaux Premium Plus
Thanks for the encouragement. I have found myself often stymied by the competition. I've tried to look for "holes" in what they are providing, in other words, services they don't offer. Like in your race car analogy, maybe somebody left a nut loose in the pit stop. There seems to be some promise there and that's what I'm concentrating on. I also focus on the sites I enjoy and why I enjoy them. I then try to find out why I enjoy those sites and emulate that in my work.