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It took me less than 30 seconds to create each of theses logos Its simple, Its easy, and Its free. So get creative and get some fab images and logos for your website, give it some colour and have some fun
Hello to you all just a quick blog I am always discovering resources being a web designer and all so below is a really good free image resource take a look and check it out
Hello and welcome to WP Clinik Hi all I just saw a question on comments in WP it seems like a common one so I will answer it for you all in case there is any doubtHow to enable comments in your pages or posts Step one Go to page or post and look at the top of your screen to the right like the image below Look to the right of the image at the top and you will see the tab called SCREEN OPTIONS - CLICK ON THIS AND YOU WILL SEE THIS WINDOW APPEAR Check the boxes that say - COMMENTS AND DISCUSSION T
This is my U TUBE channel art - Hope you like it I designed it myself I will be making videos on Wordpress very soon so I will keep you posted on my progress of video making and I hope all my Wordpress training can help you all Barry
Hi to you all, I have just published my first post on my blog could you tell me what you think of it and any thing you like or don't like so I can get some valuable feed back.Tell me if you can understand it ok Its called Wordpress file manager Many thanks Link below
June 13, 2016
Hello to you all I wanted to let you know that after a very long time in WA I have at last found my niche and have began to build the website is my logo, take a look at my site its coming on nicely Its called wp cliniK and my niche will be WordPress, as I have so much knowledge in this area.In addition to this I am at last coming to the end of my therapy which ends at the end of this year.I feel that I am now on the winning side of all my issues including Depression and
Hello to you all, its a very long time since I wrote a blog but I thought I would share my 12 years of sobriety with you all.In the last 12 years I have been to hell and back trying to rebuild my life, since the 02 April 2004, I have been clean and sober and in that time I have stopped smoking achieved an A level in maths, come out if the navy, built an electrical business, the beginnings of a web design business and in addition to that, about 8 years of work with professional therapists, deali
Hello to you all, its so long since I bogged on here I can remember how long since my last blog The reason is that I have been to hell and back with depression, I really thought it was the end and my depression took me over but I fought back and I am still here I have just started building websites for clients and so I am at last breaking through this online marketing stuff. As I cancelled my membership something inside me made me rethink and somehow WA is part of my life and my future business
Hello everybody Its been a while since I blogged on here Don't have time to explain, I am very busy, my electrical business is very busy and I have been asked to set up a web design business with someone I met at the local marketing group that I go to Now that I am building a web design business I have discovered a few amazing free tools that I thought i would share with you Here is a free logo maker which is easy to use and is 100% free, here is the link and some logos I have made https://freei
Hello to you all I wanted to just share with you a link to u tube so you can take a look at this video about content marketing I am a member of get response and they also provide the most amazing training and they publish there webinars on U tube They are very good quality and will give you a new insight into content marketing which is what we all actually do or are trying to do You will find these videos very valuable indeed so check them out