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Hi All I just thought I would post this for all to see, if you are new to all this stuff or are unsure what spam comments look like, you can tell very easily as it is general and does not mention any of the content on my site so it is done by a robotThis is the best one yet, the person doing this is trying to get back links t their site THIS IS ALL ONE COMMENT BY THE WAY So get used to spam as it is part of online life Barry
Hi all I just published some new training if your interested then the link is below Shows how to set up All In One SEO pack all the steps included as well as the social settings
Hi all I was thinking about transferring my website to WA It is hosted on hostgator and has been built about 6 weeks ago I have 16 posts and 4 pages built on it I was wondering how difficulty it would be to transfer the whole site to WA has any body done this and if so can you let me now how hard it would be Many thanks in advance Barry
Hi all I am just about to publsh my first WA review on my site and the main aff link is working but the premium link is not it takes me to the wrong page I have PM'd kyle but no response as yet This is the link is where it goes one got any suggestions as to why this happens I clicked kyles premium aff link and it takes me to the sign up page for WA but my premium link does not take me to that
July 27, 2016
Hi Just a quick question Are there any banners or images for jaaxy as I will be adding my affilaite link to my blog on a post about SEO So are there any banners or images in WA I can use Barry
Today I thought I would talk about something that is close to my heart instead of Wordpress and that is personal development and my experience of this highly talked about subjectIn about April of about 2002 I was in the Royal Navy facing serous charges of being drunk on duty and I was sitting in a doctors surgery and after I told him how much I drank he said I had about a year to live if I carried on like this.I was also a chain smoker on about 60 cigarettes a day On 2nd April 2004 I got my se
Hi all As usual I have been busy creating content for my blog and I always read WA blogs at the end of the day and see if there are any questions I can answer One of the most popular questions seems to be about pointing name servers when bringing your website over to WA When you point name servers there is a delay, this is called Propagation its the technical term for the time it takes the name servers to update It used to take from 24 hour to 48 hours it now takes only a couple of hours or les
Welcome to WP CliniK Hello to you all, I am busy writing content for my WP blog and I am doing some very comprehensive articles on HTML for beginners I know that for many the word HTML Code sends people running for cover and as usual its fear that stops us understanding things like HTML.So I am just going to give you a quick HTML tip to help you out So first - What is a no follow linkYou may have heard that putting external links on your site is a valuable SEO thing to do and it is a very valua
Hello to you all I see a lot of blogs on here about writers block and so I though I would show you how I overcome writers block, as I never suffer from writers block This is why don't get writers block I love the subject I write about which is WordPress in my case In the last two weeks I have written 10 articles all of them about 1500 words eachI can write them in a couple of hours because I love the subject so much its easy to write them. in fact I find that 1500 words is not really enough wor
Hello all, thought I would give you all a little tutorial in permalinks What are permalinks?Permalinks means permanent links, they are the URL that goes to your paost of page when you publish your content, to this end they play a big role in SEO and how google finds your content.They are a small but really important part of your content creation in the eyes of google Always check your permalinks before you publish and don't change them once you have published your content You can edit your perm