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Hi Barry Here On April fools day 2004 I woke up at 8am, I got up and sat at the desk next to my bed.There were 2 bottles of wine sitting there, I stared at them and said I will not drink them today. At exactly 0815am I started to open the first bottle and began to drink. I got drunk, passed out and awoke on April 2nd 2004.I made a solemn promise to my self that day, that and alcohol would part company, I had been drinking alcoholically for 26 years. I had lost everything except what was left of
October 12, 2017
Hi to you all, its been a while since I blogged as I am very busy building my website I wanted to write about the subject of ranking in Google I see a lot of people tell everybody that they are ranking on page 1 No 1 on Google They are not ranking on page 1, what is happening is that they are typing in their own url name and it comes up No1 as would anybody typing in the URL If your website is called and anybody types in these words it will come up No1 We need to
August 20, 2017
Here is my new logo I have a new website and a new direction, my niche is digital marketing and with a focus on email marketing and building landing pages and how to build marketing funnels I am really good at design and I have discovered that although websites are always going to be around, what everybody wants now is landing pages and funnels to turn visitors into paying customers so that my new direction I have just written my first e-book and will be giving it away to create my list I will
Hi I got my site up and running but there is a new problem The first image is my new site the second image is my other site The front page displays are missing Anyone seen this before there are whole parts missing from the first settings Barry
Hi all Just wanted to ask anyone if they are having problems with site builder I just installed wordpress on a domain with the site builder and so far when I click the login button I just get a blank screen. This is not a siterubix domain its a .com domain I bought the domain at WA 2 days ago and build the website on it about 30 mins ago, so far no luck I have contacted support by no reply yet Any body else had problems with site builder Barry
July 16, 2017
Hello to you all, I have not blogged for some time now, I have been through very difficult times with my mental health but I am now feeling very good indeed. I have finished 5 years of therapy and I am now 13 years in sobriety I now feel that I am on the winning side of my mental health struggles at last I have never given up and now I am winning at last, I have also never given up with WA I have been busy completely revamping the layout, structure and theme of my site Take a look and tell me w
Back end view On page view Anyone else experiencing this and know a solution Barry
Hello to you all Another little tip from WP CliniK You may want to create a clickable link from one part of your content to another part of your content in the same page Or you can use this little bit of code to have a BACK TO THE TOP LINK IN YOUR CONTENT So lets get started There are two parts First we create the target link <p id="unique-name">Get Started Now.</p>Then we create the send to link #unique-namePart 1 The "get started now" is the text we want to link to, go to your tex
Hello to you all I always like to help people on here with WP so could I ask you all for something I have created a new landing page and I would really like some feed back on it feedback would be greatly appreciated I used the thrive content creator plugin if your wondering how I did it Many thanks Barry
Hello to you all Another little tip from WP CliniK I see a lot of questions about sites being indexed in google we all want to know if google is crawling our sites and getting our content indexed Well here is a simple free solution to this problem Its called Google Bot Bling It sends an email every time Google crawls your site and it will give you more confidence that your site is indexed and google is taking notice of your content as can be seen below for my site WP CliniKSo there you go its a