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Hello and welcome to Wordpress Tips For WA members There are a lot of questions on how to access your Wordpress files on the server and most people can do this using an FTP client. This works but there is an easy way You can install a plugin called WP Files which will allow you to access all your wordpress files inside your own WP dashboard Once you install the plugin and activate it you just click on the WP file manager in the WP dashboard and it will display all your WP Files Its just the sam
December 18, 2021
We live in a world where we are bombarded by information from every source, the internet, radio, TV the phone, shop signs, and magazines. In this noisy and often crazy world we forget the great power that is within us all and that is the power of our silence. When we listen instead of advising we are giving someone permsion to be themselves. we are affiming that its ok to be you and its ok to be me.There is divine power in all of us but it lives in the silence and not in our thoughts Barry
Hello every body as some of you may know I have been very unwell for a long time with PTSD I have been working hard with my sponsor in AA to talk though all my past traumas that have caused what is called complex PTSD After talking twice a week for over 1 year I am finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. I have no words to describe the pain I have felt due to the traumas of my past but have come a long way emotionally and mentally and am I starting to feel better There has been
September 26, 2021
Is any body else experinceing problems with the WA website its not loading the home page for me and has slowed to a crawl is any body else expeincing this This is what the home page at WA looks like to me
Hello to you all. There has been a Wordpress update called wordpress 5.8 and there is some confusion about the new widgets area. I will explain what it is and how to go back to the origianl widgets area if you want to Below is an image of the old widgets area in the wordpress dashboard From this to this The new widgets area If you want to revert to the old widgets are install this pluginThis plugin will revert your wordpress instialtion to the old widgets areaI know everyhting new is a bit sca
Hello to you all I wanted to just write a quick blog to let all of you who know me that I am still here and part of thw WA family I have been very unwell for some time with PTSD but I am now begining to come out the other side. I have been off work for 3 months (I am an electrician) as I became very ill and could not function and struggled with even basic livingMy electrical business is still in tact and I am now back at work again. I manged to keep my business going even through all the PTSD I
Just thought I would show you some results of the WA boot camp. I folowed the training to the letter and the results are comming in No tricks no black hat seo just simple WA training and good content, PAGE 1 POSTION 2 The only site that beat me was clickbank itself my blog is only 8 months old and clcikbank is 15 years old, yet with WA training I am ranked one below a major authority site for one of their main keywords Trust the process on here IT WORKS Barry
Hello to you all I wanted to write this quick post to explain some very big misonseptions about Google and SEO Ever since I have been here I see peope writing posts about achieveing page 1 Rankings on Google. Here is the problem. If you type in your own URL or website name you will always be on page 1 of Google becuse google will match the search request with your URL The purpose of SEO is to rank for keywords that other people are typeing in and not your websites name or URL No one will ever
Hello to you all, in case your wondering I am still at WA. I am glad that I am as well.I have started a new website promiting WA and its going really well, I am following the training and doing what it says. I have 6 Posts all between 2,000 and 3,000 words so far.So all is going well and I am realizing how great this platform is now that I am promting it, I would not want to be without it. So whats the problem then.Well todays problem is that I have depresion and it hits me quite hard, I am not
April 16, 2019
Just some thoughts on the journey called life. How often we have big dreams of the future and how often we regret the past. How often we make plans that never work out the way we imagined How often we belive that fulfilment lies in the future How often we meet our destiny on the path we go on to try and avoid it How often we can not accept ourselves, unless we are perfect How often we focus on the big goals but not on the thing we need to do right now How often our fears are just imagined How o