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Last Update: June 25, 2019

Hello to you all I wanted to write this quick post to explain some very big misonseptions about Google and SEO

Ever since I have been here I see peope writing posts about achieveing page 1 Rankings on Google. Here is the problem.

If you type in your own URL or website name you will always be on page 1 of Google becuse google will match the search request with your URL

The purpose of SEO is to rank for keywords that other people are typeing in and not your websites name or URL

No one will ever type in your website name they will only ever type in keywords and you need to rank for these keyeords not your website name.

If I type in wealthy affilaite this website will come up No 1 but no one types in wealthy affialite they type in keywords.

If I type in amazon the amazon website comes up No 1 but peope do not type in amazon they type in product names and amazon ranks for product names, not its website name

The reason I am writting this post is not to be cruel or a smart arse its to help people everybody on here wants to be nice but few people want to actually tell the truth so you can get to grips with what your actually trying to achieve.

Sometimes we need to be truthful to help people rather than always being nice so we don't upset people. I would rather tell the truth and be helpful to people


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RAFStuart Premium
Thanks for the info.
anusuya1 Premium
Even if I type my keyword and my website name all my posts do not come on page 1.
CLancaster1 Premium
Very well said. The point of affiliating is to promote businesses and/ or make money, spread ones word, etc. The truth is always the best way to make sure that people are promoting their websites to the fullest. Write with passion, promote logistically, and always be true to yourself. That is a great way to succeed, get customers, and make money. Positive comments are still always heart warming and motivating to see, which is one of the many reason I love Wealthy Affiliate.

- C. Matt
ThongN Premium
:) yeah it's the myth for newbie-> it will pass when that person learns more in the training.

I have that myth before. When I follow Kyle training and Jay training about Google Search console and Google Analytics -> that myth changes because the statics from Google, from their search console and Analytics, tell you where your post is ranking.

Or you can check the post ranking with Jaxxy :)

I have one post that ranks in the 1st position for all three Google, Yahoo and Bing. However, it's past because the rank moves up and down. It's not always in the first position but I am still proud my post is in the first page of those search engine :3

Thong :)
ClareLawes Premium
Thank you for this info. I had no idea you could look up how you are ranking in specific keywords with Jaxxy. I'm doing than I thought.
BruceMadden Premium
Thanks for being not politically correct. The world needs more people like you