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Last Update: October 12, 2017

Hi to you all, its been a while since I blogged as I am very busy building my website

I wanted to write about the subject of ranking in Google

I see a lot of people tell everybody that they are ranking on page 1 No 1 on Google

They are not ranking on page 1, what is happening is that they are typing in their own url name and it comes up No1 as would anybody typing in the URL

If your website is called socialmediatrafficexcahnge.com and anybody types in these words it will come up No1

We need to rank for keywords not website titles

All websites will rank No1 if you type in the exact name of the website but people out there are not typing in website names they are typing in keywords.

The reason I wanted to write about this is that I keep seeing these types of blogs on WA, Ladies and gentlemen we have extensive and high quality training explaining how SEO works and what keywords are and how we try to rank for keywords that people type in.

No one out there knows your website name, they only type in keywords not website addresses or names

Please take advantage of all the training we have and it will explain in great detail what keywords are

Example - Here is one of my websites -


When I type in "my free email marketing tips" it comes up number one page one

However how many people are going to type in the keywords

my free email marketing tips - answer = no one

For people to find your site you need to rank for keywords that real people out there are actually typing in and not your website address.

I wrote this because I keep seeing this type of blog coming up on here and its not helping new comers because its not correct.

If you don't believe me type in your own URL keywords or get any body to type the in and it will appear on page 1

The only way to know if your website is ranking is if its getting traffic or not


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HowardJaros Premium
Those of you using Jaxxy can use the site rank feature to check your chosen keywords to see how your pages and posts are ranking for your website. This is accurate! It list results for Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines noting rank and changes in rank as it also tracks the history of your searches.

I can't tell you how valuable this information is as I add and change content on my website.

Yes, you can tell by Google Analytics but this is another source of how you are ranking in the search engine world!
paulgoodwin Premium
Good post Barry and best way is use SERP tool to check where you are

DeborahsLife Premium
What is SERP tool?
Takatomo Premium
You're exactly right. I've seen URL+first name, too.
MKearns Premium
Yes Barry. Traffic is integral to the post ranking track!
akollor123 Premium
Thanks Barry. Couldn't agree with you more.