Health Update No 3

Last Update: February 01, 2022

Hello WA Family, this is just a quick update as I got my results through today, about my cancer diagnosis

I have been given the all clear and there is no cancer in my bone marow or blood, I have to have some more tests to keep an eye on my white bllod cells but I have been given the all clear from cancer

In case you dont konw I have been tested for melenomia which is cancer of the bones and blood

Its been difficult few months but am very relieved

Thabks you for all your words of support

With love


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muslimah Premium
Such good news, Barry.
Glad everything cleared off.
Take care.
Suzay Premium Plus
Barry that's great news indeed. Remember, no sugar, cancer's favorite food. You are sweet enough!
Debbi26 Premium Plus
Way to burst my bubble, Zay. lol
Suzay Premium Plus
You are a Sweetie too Debbi, you live somewhere up in my heart and that is just fine with me. Welcome, welcome!
eleanorann22 Premium Plus
Such great news!
LMH1968 Premium Plus
That is fantastic news, Barry. So happy for you :-)
west2000 Premium
Such a wonderful relief for you Barry! That's excellent news. Take care of yourself.