Health Update No 2 Blood test results

Last Update: December 30, 2021

Hello to you all

I thought I would just give you an update on my health

I am having tests for myelonomia which is a blood cancer and I got some results today

I was told that my white Blood cells count is actually improving, so I am very relived

I am not out of the woods just yet as there are some more blood tests to go and also I am having a bone marrow test on 6th Jan

But so far its good news, I have had to wait awhile for these tests and it's not easy to go though this, but I have remained positive and do not project into the future, I live constantly in the present moment

I have the power of the 12 step program with me all the time and my faith in God is as always my greatest asset

I am glad am part of Alcoholics Anonymous as it's has always given me a tower of strength it's my only true family as well as the WA family which has also supported me though many tough times

Wishing you all a Happy and prosperous new year


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MiaL Premium Plus
Wishing you the best Barry!
1Rudy1 Premium
Sounds like you have a great support team, Barry.

One day at a time!

eleanorann22 Premium Plus
I wish you the best of luck. Thank goodness you have had good news!
Kav Premium
The light at the tunnel is slowly appearing.
Happy New Year to you too.
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
I am with you in prayer for continued improvement in your health. Wishing you the best.
bazboy247 Premium Plus
Thanks Jerry