Self-refuting Policy of Facebook

Last Update: December 31, 2018

When one ventures into the world of political correctness they find themselves falling into the same pits that they think they are avoiding.

I came across this example as I was looking to grow my exposure on Facebook. Here is their nondiscrimination policy as they printed it.

Our non-discrimination policy hasn't changed, but we're reminding advertisers that running ads or boosting posts that discriminate against people or groups is prohibited.

Soon, all advertisers will be required to review and accept the terms of our non-discrimination policy. To help maintain the integrity of our platform, please review and accept as soon as possible.

Do you see how they refute their own policy? By defining a group that they will not tolerate to be published they have violated their own policy of non-discrimination. By their own definition they should not be allowed to publish their statement of policy on Facebook.

We should all be considerate of others because all human beings are of great worth. That worth comes because we are created in the Creator's image. That makes every individual infinitely valuable. Because someone offers knowledge of how we may grow and improve who we are, does not make them intolerant or mean or non-loving. Sometimes real love is tough.

Discrimination of itself is not good or bad. The person who discriminates determines whether discrimination is evil or good. You had to discrimate when you joined Wealthy Affiliate instead of some other program. You discriminate when you buy your clothes. You discriminate in your preference of music. Human beings by nature are discriminatory.

The next time you come across a statement that is against discrimination, stop and consider who is being discriminated against. Then consider this; discrimination is not bad, but it helps to define the truth.

Those who do not wish to discriminate correctly are not interested in truth. They are interested in control, control of you.

Let me know what you think. I welcome your thoughts.

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ExpatMark Premium
Two-faced Zuckerburg needs to be checked.
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Thanks for your observation.