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September 06, 2019
Can you help me? I have copied and pasted a banner from Amazon to my website. It shows up in the widget and is displayed on the website side bar. But when you click on the banner it does not take you to the Amazon site.Has anyone else had this experience? If so, how did you remedy the problem?Thanks for any help.
I am looking for a good app to begin making videos for my website. I would like some recommendations for a good beginning app. What would you recommend. Thanks ahead of time for any input.Have a great day
June 15, 2019
I have been studying the Google Optimizer and how it might be useful in helping my SEO. but I cannot seem to understand where to insert the code into my website or post. Does anyone have a clearer presentation of how to insert the code than that at Google?I would appreciate any help. Or, if it is not helpful in promoting my website, I would like to know that, too.Thanks ahead of time.
March 02, 2019
I am having problems when trying to add an Amazon banner to my website. I have asked support for help but I have not received an answer to the problem. Amazon is using "iframe" instead of "href" for their "html". Instead of going to the Amazon site when clicked it does nothing. If you wish to go to Amazon you have to right click the banner and then click open in new tab or window.I have another site and this problem does not exist on it. I copied the same banner html into both sites. It w
I am having a problem getting my addtoany plugin to work on one of my sites. Has any one had a similar problem? If so, how did you remedy it.Thanks for any input or help.
December 31, 2018
I am truly thankful to be living in such a time as this. Never has there been a time when people could have the opportunity to interact and get to know so many people of such diverse backgrounds.It is also a great time to be an entrepreneur. Today any person with just a little self motivation can build their own business and be of service to thousands if not tens of thousands. And to begin and to do this one does not need to have a lot of money to begin. With a dream and a little motivation
When one ventures into the world of political correctness they find themselves falling into the same pits that they think they are avoiding. I came across this example as I was looking to grow my exposure on Facebook. Here is their nondiscrimination policy as they printed it.Our non-discrimination policy hasn't changed, but we're reminding advertisers that running ads or boosting posts that discriminate against people or groups is prohibited.Soon, all advertisers will be required to review an
July 28, 2018
Just to let everybody join in with my rejoicing, I have had more clicks on my site in the past three days than had been recorded in the previous three months. Things are starting to happen. I have been a part of WA for only three months and have been following Kyle and Carson's advice to produce content, content and more content. In three months I have produced over 100,000 words and almost 100 posts.The floodgates are about to be thrown open. Thanks to Kyle and Carson and to all who have h
July 19, 2018
Just broke the 100,000 word barrier in my blogs, in less than three months. Hallelujah! Now on to 200,000 words in the next three months(or maybe sooner). WA is a great format to develop an online business. There is always a challenge.I am really enjoying the adventure!
June 23, 2018
I have reached certification #4. We are moving right along learning more everyday and enjoying every bit of it. Thank to Kyle and Carson and to everyone who has encouraged and helped me along the way.I am looking forward to a joyful journey.