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April 12, 2016
Inspired by my most recent life lesson...still learning! Still a work in progress!As long as we can see the lesson before us, we can move forward on the path. There will always be a lesson to be had, you just have to recognize it. And, the moment your ego tells you that you are perfect and have nothing left to learn, may find yourself walking the path alone, if there's even a path left to follow.
April 11, 2016
Good morning and happy Monday! Let's get this week started with a little encouragement and a gentle kick in the A$$! ...All out of love, of course, because you are amazing!You got this!
Believe you can do this. Be patient; it takes time. Don't give up; success is just around the bend. Have a great weekend!
April 06, 2016
Just sayin'
How many times have you been excited to see that you had a comment waiting for moderation, only to learn that it's not a comment at all; it's a critique of your entire website? Ugh!First, you do not have to approve every comment submitted. Second, you can edit the comments if they are partially acceptable. COMMENTSBefore leaving a comment, search for an article that you have some sort of interest in. This will make it easier to leave a quality comment worth reading and KEEPING. When leaving
April 04, 2016
"You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.” ― Deepak ChopraSuccess or dreams start by setting an intention. Quiet your mind and all the self doubting chatter. Focus on what you really, really, really want. Picture what your life will be like when you have it. How will your life be effected? How will you use your special talents to better the world around you?Release your intention to the universe. Say, "thank you for providing everything I need". Le
I love using the Jaaxy Site Rank Tool to check on how my posts are doing...good or bad. :)Note how it's indicated on the left, in the blue box, how far your post has moved up or down in the Google rankings. Also, in the beautiful blue box, you're given the current page and rank position. When I see that one of my posts is ranking within the first few pages, I propel that momentum by re-introducing it to the "fab 4" social media pages: Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Pinterest. Don't forget
March 30, 2016
Happy Wednesday! Just a gentle reminder...
March 28, 2016
"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."~Martin Luther King, Jr.If you're reading this today, you've already taken the first have entered the world of WA. Keep going. See where your staircase leads.